Gura's Supermarket

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The first Gura art placed by GSm

Gura's Supermarket (GSm) is one of's factions. Founded at the start of Canvas 45 by the user gaudi999 and a few friends around him, it started out as a faction focused on placing an art resembling the VTuber Gawr Gura and one logo of a supermarket chain (typically German supermarkets) on each canvas, but on its first canvas already included other unrelated pixel arts largely themed around games and pop culture characters, with small cute pixel arts filling the gaps.

Policy wise Gura's Supermarket started out as a neutral faction but later ended up joining the League of Factions during involvement in the 2ch-LOF War on Canvas46. After that conflict concluded GSm over time took part in many different wars of variing sizes like the First Opcellog, the Crucible War and the Rouge Raid. Today however the factions involvement in conflicts has largely calmed down.

Gura's Supermarket is sometimes abbreviated as "GS" which has led to users confusing it with Grayscale Pxls.