Schizo Continuation War

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Schizo Continuation War

Canvas 63

Canvas 64

Canvas 65

  • Peace deal between Antde, notEnough and x190

Canvas 67

Gura's Supermarket
Margraviate of Solvernia
Freestyle Pxls
Commanders and leaders

The Schizo Continuation War was a protracted conflict between elements of Schizophrenia, Gura's Supermarket, Flandre, the Margraviate of Solvernia, x190, and Freestyle Pxls. The war began immediately after the ambiguous resolution of the Rouge War on Canvas 62 and dissolution of the GSm-led coalition that attacked Schizophrenia's Rouge template. Participation in the war is not officially sanctioned by either side.

The continuation war produced the most active conflict zone on Canvas 63: the GSm and Flandre templates. They were extensively griefed by volunteers from Schizophrenia. GSm-aligned placers, most notably Mcdoodlydoo, retaliated by griefing Schizophrenia's main template. Brot led the griefing of GSm, and notEnough led the griefing of Flandre, though he would move on to griefing GSm at the end of the canvas. cutandfuck initially griefed Flandre, but was banned after Fruity discovered that they were an alt of the banned user Root. A peace deal was later worked out between Schizophrenia and Flandre, ending the localized conflict between the two groups.

Falkenond's void would be the only territory permanently covered during the conflict on Canvas 63; it was attacked by Schizophrenia using a modified version of the Green Lattice pattern in retaliation for his previous griefs against them, resulting in his surrender.

On Canvas 64, the conflict was primarily fought over the template of the Margraviate of Solvernia, except for minor griefs against Schizophrenia's main template shortly after the canvas reset. notEnough and Caxap spent a large part of the early canvas griefing Solvernia, whose leader _Etta supported the GSm-led coalition in the Rouge War. Solvernia was supported by Flandre and the conflict eventually petered out. The Margraviate of Solvernia didn't retaliate and while helping initially, Mcdoodlydoo would go on to only repair griefed pixels in order to prevent escalation.

The heatmap of Schizophrenia's art on Canvas 63.
Gura's Supermarket's heatmap on Canvas 63
Flandre's heatmap on Canvas 63.