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Principality of Bahamaland
Part of the Chromatic Empire as a vassal of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
FoundedCanvas 25
ActiveCanvas 27 - 28 (Bahamas Lattice)
Canvas 34 - present (current iteration)
Discord Invite
Commanders and leaders

Bahamaland, officially known as the Principality of Bahamaland,[1] is a faction on The faction's goal is to make art about the geography and culture of The Bahamas, as well as patterns.

It was created under the name Bahamas Lattice on Canvas 27 as a "sub-faction" of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, similar to a modern vassal. It was involved in the unsuccessful Great Bear War before being invaded and going inactive until Canvas 34, at which point it adopted its current name and went through a "renaissance era."

The Bahamian renaissance involved a transition from simple latticework to actual artwork and a lattice, more benign behavior, and many of the old leaders and members being replaced, establishing the faction as a much more "civilized" faction as a whole. It also went on to be a crucial pillar in the foundation of the League of Factions, participating in many wars and events on behalf of the LOF.

It is a principality (vassal) of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and the Chromatic Empire.


The faction was established under the name Bahamas Lattice by Navy Blue Grand Monarchy members on Canvas 27. It went inactive until Canvas 34, at which point it supplanted the NBGM as pineApple's main project and was reorganized under the name Bahamaland.

Bahamaland officially reasserted itself as a principality (later codified as a type of vassal) of the NBGM on Canvas 51, assuming the official name of the Principality of Bahamaland.



Canvas 25

See Navy Blue Grand Monarchy#Canvas 25

Canvas 26

See Navy Blue Grand Monarchy#Canvas 26

Canvas 27

Having rebranded itself as Bahamas Lattice, the faction started on the inside edge of the central black circle on Canvas 27. However, it soon found itself hobbled as it had started on the territory of a huge "Casino Wheel" template that spanned the entire inside edge of the circle, and their route of expansion north was blocked by a "pedobear" template being built by cub and other Spurdos. With nowhere else to turn, Bahamas Lattice launched simultaneous incursions into the Pedobear template and Casino Wheel territory.

The greatest extent of the Bahamas Lattice assault during the "Great Bear War"

While the attack was initially successful, the builders of the Casino Wheel counterattacked at the same time that Spurdo reinforcements began rebuilding the pedobear. The war was discussed widely in Pxls chat, bringing it to the attention of several old enemies of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, who joined forces with the Casino Wheel and Spurdos. Soon, Bahamas Lattice was completely enveloped. However, pro-war sentiments continued running high, resulting in a brutally persistent blue voiding campaign against the pedobear (whose Spurdo builders comprised most of the counterattacking group) after the war. Later, Bahamas Lattice restarted more towards the center of the circle.

It made fairly rapid expansions, cementing itself as the biggest lattice within the circle. Following a major battle between the German and French factions within the circle, France was defeated, and moved their artwork south, directly on top of Bahamas Lattice territory, smothering its size and reducing it to only scattered bits of lattice. Soon, Blue Lattice would invade from the west, gradually gobbling up Bahamian territory until a desperate peace treaty was agreed upon. However, it was soon violated, and Blue Lattice faced only minimal resistance as they invaded in tandem with France and Germany's opportunistic invasions of Bahamian territory. At the end of the canvas, no Bahamas Lattice remained.

Canvas 28

Following the series of defeats on Canvas 27, interest in Pxls had waned past the point of no return. A Bahamas Lattice was attempted on the westernmost fringes of Canvas 28, but with only one placer, it died out quickly, starting a 6-canvas hiatus from Pxls.


Canvas 34

Bahamas Lattice returned near the center of Canvas 34, an area heavily populated by lattices with little art to cover them. However, Bahamas Lattice boasted higher numbers than most lattices in the region, and were able to explode onto the canvas and become a dominant faction in the area. Rolling over two American flags within hours of returning to the site, and allying with the nearby ValcoLattice, it wasn't long before Bahamas Lattice had solidified itself safely at the center of the canvas. Around this time, the name of the faction was changed to Bahamaland to emphasize a focus on lattices and artwork. Not much else happened on Canvas 34, aside from an invasion (and subsequent total destruction) of the nearby "Blue-Green Lattice," and the canvas ended just as Bahamaland's background approached Blue Lattice and Veil's background.

Canvas 35

Bahamaland started in the right of the cloud, in YOIB and Pixelstuck territory on Canvas 35, ironically placing a Bahamian flag near an "Anti-flag action" template. They also started making their striped flag lattice. After several hours of diplomacy, they agreed to move to a raindrop. However, there was still a significant militarized sentiment within the faction, and some members tried to resist YOIB's coverage of the lattice. After the skirmish, Bahamaland officially moved.

They tried to start on the raindrop by wiping out an Irish flag, but didn't realize it was made by their ally, the Ireland faction. The situation was sorted out but an irreparable cold war between the two factions had begun. It lasted several days, with spying and minor griefing on both sides. Eventually Bahamaland put their foot down and launched a full attack on the flag. Despite tough resistance, they took it over and built a sign in its place.

Canvas 36

Bahamaland started towards the far left of Canvas 36, acting as a buffer between Pink Gang and Cell Lattice. They also formed an alliance with CL during this canvas. Tam of Proggity Prog OwO chose to broke off the Bahamian-Prog alliance by a grief, and started to try and undermine the alliance between Bahamaland and Cell Lattice. Over the course of C36, Bahamaland built a map of Nassau Island in the Bahamas, as well as their lattice. They also covered a flag in Flag Zone with a Bahamian flag.

Canvas 37

Bahamaland built their largest-ever template on C37, constructing a large template of the Bahamian coat of arms. With some help from volunteers, they finished, but several other factions had been eyeing their territory. With some new downtime, they integrated into the League of Factions and became a core pillar of the group.

Canvas 38

During this canvas, Bahamaland constructed a large postcard template in the eastern section of the map. It also built satellite templates including a Bing logo, a LOF logo and a Bahamian Knight. It was surrounded by Green Lattice and the attempted Conch Republic faction (later absorbed by GL) during this canvas.

Canvas 39

Due to the small size of the canvas, Bahamaland rested on Canvas 39.

Canvas 40

Bahamaland took part in the League of Factions collab on Canvas 40, where it was represented by a Bahamian flag.

Canvas 41

On Canvas 41, Bahamaland built a Bahamas countryball and miniature sun inside the League of Factions Safe Zone. However, following the battle against ChoppCord, Bahamaland sacrificed their territory in order for Chopp to peacefully relocate his art.

Canvas 42

The template that was planned for C41 was rebuilt on Canvas 42 in the territory of the newly revived Navy Blue Grand Monarchy.

Canvas 43

Bahamaland rested on this canvas.


Canvas 43a

A pineapple template was built by Bahamaland near Pixelstuck's territory on C43a.

Canvas 44

A new pineapple art is in the works for C44.


Canvas 58

Bahamaland is represented by the Bahamas flag on NBGM's principalities template (which also includes Lesser Kingdom of Magenta, Imperium, and Bulgaria Pxls). Bahamaland was also apart of the Pepe Raid where a Bahamaland-themed buddy was made.

Organization Structure

  • Monarch: Leader of the faction with the highest level of power and diplomatic authority.
  • Marshals: Military officers with authority to coordinate movements on-canvas.
  • Officers: Discord moderators with authority on the server and active members of the faction.
  • Archivists: Volunteer officers who record griefs of Bahamaland projects.



Former (reason)


Bahamas Lattice era

Bahamaland era


  1. Bahamian Discord server