Canvas 28

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2019/10/15 - 2019/11/01 (17 days)

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Beginning the Halloween canvas tradition, this canvas was a ghost playing Pxls during canvas 17. The next year's Halloween canvas was canvas 41.

For this canvas, another canvas contest was held for users to submit their designs to become the canvas.

Only two users ended up submitting a canvas for the contest; Renatm and TheWaffleLord.

Renatm's submission was chosen by the Pxls staff to become the next canvas.

Waffle's submission can be seen below.

During the canvas, a user by the name of Flromp created a TikTok discussing that went viral, causing a large influx of users to join the site.

The TikTok in question can be found here:


The size of the canvas was 1325x1325 and 899,248 of the 1,755,625 total pixels were placeable. (51.2%)

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.

Major Events

  • TikTok Invasion: Invasion by many TikTok users, who griefed several art projects on the canvas.



#announcements in the Pxls Discord server