C43 War

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C43 War
Part of the 2ch–LOF Wars
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League of Factions

Navy Blue Grand Monarchy

Pxls Minutemen
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The C43 War or First 2ch–LOF War was a major war that impacted many factions on Canvas 43. It began fully when 2ch raided Pride Faction, drawing the League of Factions to counterattack several days later. However, YOIB and other supporters intervened to support 2ch against the LOF, defeating the counterattack and subsequently raiding the art of multiple other League members.

This began a period of extreme conflict over territory in several main fronts: the Pride Faction campaign, Ravenclaw campaign, and towards the end of the war, the Winter Starlight. There were other smaller fronts as well, including the Rarity Campaign, background fighting with voids, and the Pxls Minutemen's griefing program against 2ch.

Tensions between the two main belligerents of the war remained high until war broke out again on Canvas 46. Continuous fighting occurred until the nuke of 2ch on Canvas 47.


Buildup to war

Past wars

2ch and the LOF had previously clashed during the Troll Face War and Pride Raids of Canvas 42.

Pride raid on Connor

Some 2chers supported Connor's art during the Pride Raid on Connor, worsening tensions between the two groups even further.

War preparations

Early phase

Pride Faction campaign

First Battle of Ravenclaw

After the Second Battle of Pride Faction, 2ch began widespread reprisals against users who fought against them. The first target was the Ravenclaw template built by LOF moderator elias. The attack first gained ground, then began to be pushed back, then gained ground again and won.

Middle phase

Changes within the LOF

The LOF began establishing Watch Groups at around this time to defend the art of its members and COUP withdrew.

Second and Third Battles of Ravenclaw

A major counterattack was mounted by the LOF to rebuild Ravenclaw. Despite the official resistance of 2ch and YOIB, and the unofficial resistance of other groups, the Ravenclaw template was rebuilt.

After the two attempts and both fails. The third battle was more successful in rebuilding the artwork and defending. It will result in a LoF fail but this battle was a lot more successful compared to the other two. As a result of this battle, 2ch focused on ManePxls.

Attacks on Scooby Gang and Naruto Pxls

Rarity Campaign

Due to the failure of the third battle of Ravenclaw, 2ch focused on attacking ManePxls, which would join the LoF. While a 2ch victory, there was an agreement for a neutrality pact between ManePxls and 2ch which would result in the rebuilding of Rarity.

Late phase

Guerrilla warfare

During this time, there will be several minor griefs on 2ch. These griefs didn't last very long but it did result in distracting 2ch.

Battle of Winter Starlight

2ch pulled another mass invasion onto the artwork. The reason why they attacked it was because the owner of the artwork, a user by the name of Hazard, heavily supported the wars against 2ch. This battle, once again, resulted in 2ch victory and the creation of "Thanks for the Lulz" artwork which was basically a recreation of Pride's artwork but turned upside down.

In addition, YOIB helped clean up any remaining mess that was left in the area.

G.O.A.T. Plan

Legion-mediated negotiations

Last-minute raids

Several minor raids were fired via 2ch. These raids weren't effective.


A treaty was created between the two factions that would make any future issues solved via dms instead of war. This treaty allows for a better relationship and a less intense canvas.

Pride Faction was deleted and reorganized into "Pxls Pride." The purpose of this was to make sure that data doesn't get leaked and to be more secure.

2ch was relatively peaceful. No intense warfare between LoF and 2ch at all!

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