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Crimson Dawn is a faction dedicated to making art based around Star Wars and occasionally other misc stuff. Most art made is custom so that it is the highest quality. Founded on c32 by CP_Pixels, this faction has gone through lots of change over the canvases.

Crimson Dawn was the spiritual successor to Stem Place as all stem place related things were converted to be Crimson Dawn.


Canvas 32

this Faction was initially founded this canvas under the name "Stem Place" as a reference to the Pxls clone where most members came from. Not much was made this canvas except for a few pineapples that would be destroyed at the end

Canvas 33

This Canvas is when the faction truly began. it was a blue area in the top corner of the canvas with not much except some of the members' egos. eventually it was destroyed at the end of the canvas due to one member greifing YOIB

Canvas 34

This canvas things would start getting a bit larger with a 6k template of Darth Nihilus. Unfortunately it was downscaled from its original size leaving it fiddled. The faction owner has since said they regret that canvas to this day.

Canvas 35

c35 was the infamous cloud canvas but also the canvas where "stem place" really kicked off. The Pxls clone had recently went down for summer and CP_Pixels decided to make a area with small art where stem placers could make art. while not very large this serves as the point where the faction truly began.

Canvas 36

c36 would go on to be the biggest canvas for "stem place". at the beginning of the canvas CP_Pixels decided to make the template a astonishing 4x bigger than the pervious canvas. more users would join the faction to assist the template. early in the canvas there was a fairly large overlap with error gang that was quickly resolved but caused "stem place" to mold into the above area. after finishing earlier than expected a lattice was constructed elsewhere.

Canvas 37

Canvas 38

Canvas 39

Canvas 40

Canvas 41

Canvas 42

Canvas 43

Canvas 43a

Canvas 44


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