Confederacy of United Pxls

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Confederacy of United Pxls

The Confederacy of United Pxls (COUP) was an alliance of factions created on Canvas 42. Initially, COUP was a subgroup of League of Factions members who were closely aligned with the Hall of Flags during the Flag Faction Cold War. These users and small factions sought closer political ties with each other in order to fortify themselves against ioanBG and his Flag Zone, both of which were also in the League of Factions.

COUP officially "seceded" from the LOF following the Green Lattice–Polonian Pxls conflict. However, it was plagued by poor organizational problems during the ensuing War of the Flag Factions and Ultra Germany Pxls raid. As a result, COUP was disbanded eight days after it seceded from the LOF. Its leader UnragedUS quit Pxls.

COUP was later revived by Youj from Canvas 43a to Canvas 45. During this period, it grew to the apex of its influence under the stewardship of Inverted Anarchist and Titeiiko. However, it had been disbanded again by Canvas 46.

The Youj-led Confederacy officially rejoined the League of Factions shortly afterwards. However, both remnants of COUP were severely weakened by the drama and effectively disbanded by Canvas 50.

A new iteration of the Youj-led COUP, called the Confederation of Unifying Pixels, was created on Canvas 55 with the founding members being Youj Polonian Pxls and the Trollge Confederacy. However, Trollge left soon after, leaving Polonian Pxls as the only active faction remaining in the alliance, resulting its de facto dissolution.


Canvas 42

The COUP was formed on Canvas 42, ostensibly as a "failsafe" in case ioanBG seized power in the League of Factions. Most members of COUP were also LoF members at the time.

When YOIB raided the Hall of Flags (a COUP member) on C42, the Confederacy of United Pxls counter-attacked by raiding Flag Zone; however, despite minimal resistance, they were not able to fully destroy it by the reset.

Canvas 43

COUP came into the public eye a little more on Canvas 43; one of their member factions, Polonian Pxls, had one of its smaller templates covered by Green Lattice due to a claim conflict. The League of Factions (of which most COUP members were also a part) intervened diplomatically, as claim conflicts weren't in their jurisdiction. However, the negotiations between Polonian Pxls and Green Lattice broke down, and COUP announced it would mobilize against Green Lattice to rebuild Polonian Pxls's side template on January 10th, 2021. However, this COUP attack was unsuccessful.

A day later, American PXLS and Polonian Pxls, as well as some of COUP's solo members withdrew from the League of Factions and invested all of their efforts into COUP.

After this took place, Polonian Pxls was griefed, but COUP intervened against this attack. It is unknown whether or not COUP was successful in their defense.

On January 12th, Ultra Germany Pxls was raided. COUP officially announced it would be intervening to defend Ultra Germany. However, COUP surrendered after about 24 minutes of fighting against the raid, and instead moved Ultra Germany to a new location.

For unknown reasons, the leader of COUP, Unraged, quit Pxls on January 13th, 2021. Almost all COUP members left the group, and ownership was given to Youj of Polonian Pxls. COUP has been active for about a month as of February 8th, 2021.

Canvas 43a

COUP did not generally expand nor shrink in this canvas but stayed relatively normal. COUP had to deal with the Anti-YouJ League vs Polonium, a war between Inverted Anarchist and the Anti-YouJ Coalition vs YouJ and Polonium. The war favored Inverted Anarchist but as a result, Titeiiko/PepegaMp4 (leader of Inverted) started to improve relationships with YouJ. In addition, the anti-youj coalition disbanded.

In addition to this information, COUP worked with Legion and got their logo reserved.

Canvas 44

Canvas 44 is when the first outside members joined COUP. The first being Inverted Anarchist, joining to improve relationships with YouJ after the Anti-YouJ League vs Polonium war. The Thargoids joined after their leader, Crow, returned back to and found interest in COUP. "Minecraft Gang", under AdriZah06, joined for personal interests.

Canvas 45

For C45, COUP decided to make their own artwork for this canvas and managed to place it in a cramped area.

Canvas 48

The revival was first planned during Canvas 48. Its future constituents already controlled a big territory and were in unofficial alliances.

Canvas 49 saw the collaboration on a large combined template. However, due to constant raids led by Sidestep and NBGM, the full template was not able to be completed, and many territorial concessions were made.

Canvas 49

Canvas 55

Youj attempted to revive his COUP under the name "Confederation of Unifying Pixels," but this failed.


  • American PXLS (faction disbanded/leader quit Pxls before the dissolution of COUP)
  • NASCAR Pxls (faction disbanded/leader banned from Pxls before the dissolution of COUP)
  • Ultra Germany Pxls (presumed disbanded before the dissolution of COUP)
  • State Pxls (faction disbanded before the dissolution of COUP)
  • Turkey (leader quit Pxls before the dissolution of COUP)
  • Trollge Confederacy (leader requested to leave before the dissolution of COUP)
  • Russian Pxls (faction was abandoned before the dissolution of COUP)
  • Inverted Anarchist (violated "20 member rule" before the dissolution of COUP)


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