Second Siege of Trollge

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Second Siege of Trollge

Siege successful:

Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
Inverted Anarchist
Pride Faction
Manyland Military
Trollge Confederacy
Pxls Refugees
Commanders and leaders
(NBGM/Pride) pineApple
(IA) Seabass
(Pride) Mikarific
(TRLGE) Thiccslav
~15 ~5

The Second Siege of Trollge was an event on Canvas 45. During the second Siege, a coalition of factions led by the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, Inverted Anarchist and Pride Faction destroyed the Trollge Confederacy's attempt to relocate in the wake of the First Siege of Trollge.


First Siege of the Trollge Confederacy

It is recommended to first read the pre-history and the history of the First Siege of Trollge. To simplify, Inverted went against Trollge for harassment on their territory and others went against it in fear that Trollge Confederacy was a continuation of the Trollface Coalition.


After the First Siege of the Trollge, Trollge begins moving to a new location which resulted in Trollge attempting to go over two artworks. While the two artworks were defended severely, it was decided another strike had to happen in order to stop this behavior. In addition, the name of their new project was under "I don’t like minorities" which pissed off Pride Faction.

Second Siege begins

On 03/29, both Pride Faction and Inverted Anarchist announced to make a "ThisIsMeWhenNoPayTaxes" artwork (contained the "Let'sFuckingGOOO" and text saying "This is me when I don't pay taxes.")

In the first hour of the war, very little resistance went against the Anti-Trollge alliance. After the first hour, almost very to no resistance was placed which allowed the allies to become victories.

Trollge Surrender

Titeiiko sent a list of terms for Trollge. These terms would make Trollge unable to go to war without the permission of Inverted. The Trollge Confederacy's membership flat out rejected the offer, and hostilities continued for a day or so.

Titeiiko then sent a considerably more lenient offer, that would essentially be forced non-aggression. After a close vote, The Trollge Confederacy agreed, and hostilities ended between the two factions, marking the end of war between the Trollge Confederacy and Inverted Anarchist. Of note, there was never an agreement signed with Pride Faction, though later negotiation was conducted through the LoF.