Manyland Military

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Manyland Military was a faction that made artwork from the game "".


The first Manyland artwork was created by user, Isaacool while Inverted Anarchist was the first faction to make Manyland artwork. This resulted in the leader of Inverted, Titeiiko, and Isaacool to become close friends.

On 3/27/2021, during the preparations for the Siege of Trollge, Titeiiko requested Isaacool to ask his friends to assist him into battle. In return they would add Manyland artwork. This resulted in the creation of Manyland Military, a faction dedicated to making Manyland artwork and to assist Inverted Anarchist in the war.

After the first Siege of Trollge, Manyland Military decided to become an official faction and assist Inverted Anarchist in future wars like the Second Siege of Trollge.

This faction was inactive for a while but was revived on Canvas 76 and placed for Darkhood until Isaacool was banned late into Canvas 77.