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Hive is a lattice faction created by Slitherdoodle which is now owned by Rattail.

Canvas 43

Slitherdoodle created the hive lattice design near the end of the canvas. Since Slitherdoodle was first in Inverted at the time, the "Hive" lattice was made into an "Inverted Hive" design.


The Hive made their lattice design in the bottom right. During this time, Legion decided to canvas invade the canvas resulting in the Hive getting covered. Luckily though, it survived till the end of the canvas to be the only lattice faction NOT to be allied with Legion.

Canvas 44

The Hive's leader, Slitherdoodle, left Pxls and was replaced with Rattail with Mandrake (leader of Corner Gang) as second in command.

Canvas 45

The Hive ended up getting attacked by 2ch. This resulted in the artwork being moved. In addition, Mandrake (second in command) officially left