United Gacha Alliance

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The United Gacha Alliance (UGA) was made on r/place, then moved to pxls.space near the start of Canvas 71. They started with a bad first impression by placing their art over already existing art that was being made, but after getting backlash from the community they moved to a smaller location that didn't go over anyone, causing their art to survive to the end of the canvas.

Many UGA members left pxls.space due to the severe backlash and hate sent towards UGA which they felt was unwarranted. Most of this hate was led by NickThe21st who griefed the UGA symbol with a "gif meme".

The smaller art they constructed was originally downscaled incorrectly which caused a few pxls users to grief it. The art was later changed to the correct scale.

The incorrectly downscaled art
The correctly downscaled art


Gacha War