The Flood

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The Flood
Commanders and leaders
greenwizard & naglis

The Flood, also derisively called the Bootleg Void, was a void faction that existed on Canvas 60.

First Flood

The Flood after accidentally placing on Eggbox, who hadnt made their outline yet.

The Flood began shortly after Canvas 60 started. Naglis and Greenwizard formed the very first flood over Eggbox's artwork but were quickly met with sour feelings from the faction. After losing their territory, The Flood moved to the upper right-hand side of the canvas.

Second Flood

The Second Flood after being attacked by NBGM due to naglis's constant greifing of CHE.

After the disastrous first flood, Naglis put out a video in hopes new people would join the faction. However, nobody did, and because of this and persistent griefing by Ryeam, The Flood's main leader Naglis vanished from Pxls to build on another r/place clone. Greenwizard fully took ownership of the faction and continued building The Flood for a few days before it was destroyed by the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy. Soon afterwards, Greenwizard abandoned The Flood almost entirely to join other factions, such as Void Cells.


Greenwizard landed himself in hot water multiple times during Canvas 60. The concept of a 'flood' faction was met with negative reactions due to its similarities with a void. Despite this, green wizard continued to build The Flood and annoy multiple users in Pxls chat. A while after The Flood's downfall, Mandrake alleged that Greenwizard began acting generally creepy towards him. Common interactions between the two were said to be something along these lines:

  • Greenwizard does something rather creepy that somehow involves Mandrake
  • Mandrake tells Greenwizard to stop
  • Greenwizard apologises 12,486,583.23847 times in a row and promises not to continue his actions
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Repeat

Green also attempted to bring back Cell Lattice on multiple occasions but has been met with extremely quick attacks from multiple factions due to Cell Lattice being looked down upon by almost everyone at the time.