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c55 - present
Status Active (~180,000)
Zim Art
Frog Pixels United

Reissecup /ˈrisikʌp/ (ree see cup) is a pxls user who is known for being friends with ceadog, fisk, ARdude, squidfromwillyousnail, and Noodle. They are active in pxls chat and are second-in-command in the Zim Art faction. They are a well-respected member of the Femboy Café discord server and regularly participate in voice chat, most commonly with ceadog, Maxy, Spruce, and/or Noobl.



Canvas 55

Reiss joined pxls late on the 5th night of April when they saw a link to it in the UFP server for r/place 2022. They were very active in chat, and had not yet been associated with any faction, but they added the Pride Faction tag.

Reiss decided to take a break from pxls for the rest of the canvas after a certain incident on April 8th(?) because they felt bad.

Canvas 56

Reiss returned to pxls on April 12th and free-hand made a GIR art that accidentally overlapped with AquaSnivy's snivy art, which took precedence.

on April 14th, they noticed an Irken Empire logo, inspected the pixel to see who it was. They saw it was ceadog, so they pinged him in the main pxls server to ask about the Zim Art faction he had. This led to the creation of the Zim Art server. Reiss has almost exclusively used the Zim Art tag since then, with some instances of changing it due to being banned from the faction.

Canvas 56a

Canvas 57


Canvas 58

Canvas 59

Canvas 60

About halfway through the canvas, Reiss started interacting with user squidfromwillyousnail and joined the H faction. They designed the H lattice seen around Laney Penn.

Canvas 60a

Canvas 61

On this canvas, reiss introduced Noobl to pxls, where together they made art of Kokichi from Danganronpa next to the Femboy-Zim collab.

Unfair ban

⚠️ The following section was written by Eve and is highly biased

On Canvas 69, Reiss was unfairly banned from Pxls for saying the phrase 'Anal Leakage'. Reiss points to the fact that they had said that word before without any punishment, then randomly got a perminant ban. Moderators claim this is fair due to their list of previous mutes, however it seems that saying "Anal Leakage" did not harm anyone in the Pxls community, but having an important member unable to speak has harmed the community. Many users, especially Eve are outraged regarding this.