Principality of Video Game Artists

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Principality of Video Game Artists
Part of the Chromatic Empire as an Immediate Vassal

VGA on Canvas 62
Commanders and leaders
pineApple (prince)
CodexCracked (regent)
Sohiimfine19 (regent)

The Principality of Video Game Artists,[1] sometimes shortened to Video Game Artists (VGA), was the successor faction to Avazarus' Video Gaming, established on Canvas 62. pineApple served as prince while Codex, Sohiimfine and GeylicToast served as regents. It was a vassal of the Chromatic Empire.


Canvas 62

VGA on Canvas 62

After being rebranded, VGA went with a small template above Idle Slayers.

See this art on the Interactive Map for Canvas 62

Canvas 63

A massive scale collab, including many different Video Gaming factions involved, with the help of the Video Gaming Alliance.

Canvas 66

VGA collaborated with Pixels Art Enjoyers to create a portal themed artwork.

This canvas marked the start of the VGA attacks. The attacks this canvas were mainly perpetrated by left, who had expressed a strong distaste for the owner of the faction and her influences on the community.

Canvas 67a

Left's attacks continued this canvas, as VGA created a small sprite to fit on the canvas. The sprite was small enough that fighting could have the art completely destroyed and rebuilt within a few hours, leading to an intense battle throughout the canvas. Things swayed in the griefers direction when the canvas tilted, making the template that guided the counterattacks useless. When the canvas ended, left was victorious, covering the entirety of the art with lime green pixels.

Canvas 68

See Hugh Mungus Raid

The raid became the breaking point for VGA and Avery, who transferred power to pineApple shortly after.

Canvas 69-72

VGA made some small art in this time, but because of Liam's leadership it was not targeted.

Canvas 72

During this canvas, a decision was made to end VGA. The server was archived and any new members are directed towards the Chromatic Empire.

Canvas 73

Avery attempted to create a new Avery themed faction, but a Flandre-adjacent group erased the artwork.