Left Pxls–Trollge Confederacy War

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Left Pxls–Trollge Confederacy War
Result Inconclusive

Left Pxls
Defensive support:
Dani's Bizarre Adventures

League of Factions (briefly)

Trollge Confederacy
The Trollface Coalition

Anti-Communist League
Right Faction

Defensive support:
Dani's Bizarre Adventures
Commanders and leaders

The Left Pxls–Trollge Confederacy War was a conflict initiated on Canvas 47. It was fought by Left Pxls and its supporters and the Trollge Confederacy and its supporters. In many instances throughout the war, Dani's Bizarre Adventures intervened to defend whichever side was being attacked in attempt to suppress the fighting.

The war died down by June 19th, with neither side able to score a permanent victory.


War begins

The war began with an official declaration made by Lana and an accompanying raid; however, this attack was repelled and the conflict devolved into continual low-level fighting on the Trollge Confederacy template.

The Monday raid

On Monday 07/06/2021 Left Pxls would launch the biggest raid so far. It gained a lot of ground due to the new recruits from Reddit and multiple other sources. But eventually it was pushed back. During the raid Trollge Confederacy would gain a lot of support from non-Pxls users.

Back-and-forth raids

Left Pxls would make several more raids, but these were defeated by Trollge Confederacy, its allies, and Dani's Bizarre Adventures. Some of these attacks were met with with retaliatory raids on Left Pxls' art, which would also be defeated by Left Pxls and DBA.

A tense stalemate emerged, with neither Left Pxls or Trollge Confederacy able to destroy each others' arts. They began to focus on growing their numbers; Left Pxls went to subreddits, while the Trollge Confederacy went to Discord servers. Factions like the old Trollface Coalition and Anti-Communist League began to align with the Trollge Confederacy during this time.

Trollge attacks

On June 12th, 2021, A more heavily organized Trollge force, acting with significant reinforcements, launched an attack on the Hamsic. The raid successfully built a troll face, and with the momentum, Trollge forces destroyed the Left Pxls lattice, covering it with white. This was completed in a little under a day, with low-level resistance continuing in the covered areas. Later, the white background was replaced with a more artistic lattice (not built by Trollge Confederacy). Trollge moved to attack a "catgirl" art made by Left Pxls, but after a protracted battle, they were defeated by Left Pxls and DBA.

Left Pxls counterattacks

Eventually Left Pxls was able to rebuild their hammer and sickle art over the trollface. Trollge made major efforts to attack the new hammer and sickle and the catgirl; both were defeated.

Background skirmishes w/ Pride

A background conflict emerged between Trollge Confederacy's white background and Pride Faction's lattice. Random griefers from Trollge Confederacy's side had targeted Pride Faction throughout the conflict, but the trollers remained officially neutral with them. While Pride ended up winning the background conflict, diplomacy prevented the faction and its ally the League of Factions from being drawn into the Left Pxls-Trollge war.


Neither side officially ended the war, but fighting died down by June 19th. Left Pxls did not achieve their goals, as they were unable to cover Trollge Confederacy's art. Trollge Confederacy and their allies did not achieve their goals, as they were not able to (permanently) cover any Left Pxls art. This led to disinterest in the conflict. The war was over by the time Canvas 48 began.

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