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Chromatic Empire
A symbol of the Chromatic Empire, representing all six Imperial Subjects (the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, Purple Empire, Orange Gang, Green Gang, Teal Kingdom and Elemental Confederation), along with a Grubby at the center.
ActiveCanvas 55 - Present
Emperor: pineApple
Chancellor: Temriel
Imperial Subjects
Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
The Purple Empire
Orange Gang
Green Gang
Teal Kingdom
Elemental Confederation of Aquatica-Metallica

The Chromatic Empire (ChE) was a suprafaction centered around color-themed artwork, lattices, and backgrounds.

Numerous factions were affiliated with the Empire as its Imperial Estates, which are divided into Imperial Subjects and Vassals. It was originally established by the unification of Orange Gang, Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and The Purple Empire, which became the first Subjects. Later, H2O Lattice, Green Gang, Teal Kingdom and the Elemental Confederation of Aquatica-Metallica became Subjects.[Note 1] The Empire had a fluctuating set of allies that number roughly 20 factions in total. It was also connected to various external groups, such as the League of Factions, by virtue of a personal union with Chromatic Emperor pineApple / Timmy II.

It was usually represented by the "GChE" template on the canvas. Since its establishment, it has been involved in the Place Invasion, Devirgining of Canvas 56a, Opcellogs against Cell Lattice, Space Collab Incident, Crucible War, Knight War, and a multitude of smaller events. It has proven itself a capable combatant in wars against Legion, Gura's Supermarket, Flandre and the Femboy Café.

The faction has been described as a constitutional monarchy or semi-constitutional command monarchy under a real union, with a complex structure and system of governance that has changed over time. It exerts influence over a large part of the community, and has been described as a hegemon. It has been consistently viewed as one of the most powerful factions on Pxls since its establishment, with the term Pax Chromatica reflecting its central, stabilizing role in the community.

Concepts relating to the Chromatic Empire are said to be Chromatic Imperial or simply Imperial.


Main articles: Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, The Purple Empire, Orange Gang

Color- and background-themed factions on

By early 2022, a niche had developed on wherein several factions associated with a particular color of the Pxls palette existed. None were considered "major factions," and in fact they were treated with scorn by Pxls veterans or staff members, who thought them little better than voids.

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy (NBGM), led by pineApple, had originally been established on Canvas 25, earning numerous enemies, before going inactive on Canvas 27. It remained inactive until its revival on Canvas 42 by pineApple and ioanBG. However, it did not truly grow until the Nuke of 2ch on Canvas 47 allowed pineApple to shift his focus away from governing the League of Factions to developing the NBGM. Under pineApple's rule, it presided over multiple wars that increased its public profile, such as the sieges of Trollge, NBGM–Anime conflict, invasion of COUP castle, and most prominently its war against Legion for control of the C49 Arena. The Grand Monarchy of Canvas 55 was the most powerful color-themed faction on the site due to its accrual of vassals and allies, as well as the decline and collapse of Pink Gang. It was heavily involved in the politics of the site, facilitating the destruction of the Confederacy of United Pxls and its successor, and promoting the concept of of a solid-color background faction where it could.

The Purple Empire (TPE) was established by Temriel on Canvas 51. Its "imperial" name was due to its status as a successor faction of an earlier group, The Blue Empire (TBE), which operated sporadically from Canvas 28 to Canvas 37. From Canvas 51 onward, it began to adopt characteristics that mirrored those within the NBGM. At first TPE's mimicry was viewed with suspicion, but this gave way to cooperation and an alliance on Canvas 51. TPE remained involved with the Pxls community, avoiding controversy and growing its influence where it could, but it failed to attain decisive victories during the Komi-san War and Wars of ImperialGuard. Eventually, pineApple made the decision to pursue détente with TPE and collaborate. For example, cooperating against Cell Lattice during the Cell War of Canvas 54. This brought the two most prominent color-themed factions into lockstep at the start of Canvas 55.

Orange Gang (OG) was established on Canvas 45a, a gimmick -snip- canvas, by members of YOIB. It went inactive at the end of the gimmick canvas was but was later revived on Canvas 51 by Universe and Monster_Chicken.


Canvas 55

The Chromatic Empire was formed on this canvas through the Chromatic Pact. Other than being set up, not much else was done, other than the formation of a combined template. A few days after the foundation of the Chromatic Empire, H2O Lattice was invited to join. The Empire eventually came to be composed of multiple factions, known as Imperial Subjects. They are:

The Chromatic Empire also inherited the many principalities and vassals of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy at the time of its foundation: the Principality of Bahamaland, Principality of Imperium, Principality of Nonexistent Canvas, Principality of Bulgaria Pxls, the Free Military Forces of Anti-Amogus (later reconstituted as the Magenta Free States and finally as the Lesser Kingdom of Magenta). However, other factions were later raised to the status of Chromatic Imperial vassals: the Principality of Big Trans Flags, Candies n' Curses n' Pxls, the Principality of Character Pxls, Watermelon Syndicate, Metallic Monarchy, the Principality of Eggbox, the Miku Monarchy, High Church of Luigi, H2O Fan Club, The Mothia, Video Game Artists, Knights of the Blue Corner, Archduchy of Bells, Eientei Province, PokePxls, Roger's, The Official Pxls Music Faction, the Principality of Aqua, the Principality of Water, and the Principality of Pizza.

Canvas 56

This was the first canvas where the Chromatic Empire participated in it's entirety. It began with a large 86k sized template, which included art from the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, The Purple Empire, Orange Gang and H2O Lattice.

During this canvas, both Green Gang and When the Red the Red applied to join the Empire. The Council of Representatives voted on if they were to be granted membership, and both were accepted. However, the condition for When the Red the Red to join was to change their name to something more professional, which DrinkMicrowaves (their leader) refused. This lead to only Green Gang joining the Chromatic Empire, due to WTRTR not being granted access to the Empire by the Council.

Canvas 56a

During this gimmick canvas, the colour palette was restricted to only basic Gameboy ones. This meant that all plans for the Empire needed to be revised quickly as to be able to make art with only 4 colours. This lead to the creation of a "Buddy Lattice".

The faction also participated in the "de-virgining" of the entire canvas, where every single pixel on the canvas was placed on, being only the second canvas to do so (and it by far being the largest).

Canvas 57

For this canvas, the Chromatic Empire went almost unreasonably big, starting out with a 144k template, bigger then their starting temp on c56 by 59k. However, it seems to turn out beneficial for the faction, as they encountered little to no resistance claiming the area they desired.

In the middle of the canvas, iButter, leader of H2O Lattice, had lost interest in pxls, and this meant that the faction had largely lost all of it's power. By vote of the council, the faction left the Empire on the 15th of May, 2022. With another vote of the council, the area was replaced with a dark teal background, which would later be expanded upon when the overall template would be finished.

Canvas 58

During this canvas, the Chromatic Empire exercised a strategy of having a central art piece, with a size of around 70k pixels, placed somewhere on the canvas, and then having it's four member factions be spread out over the rest of canvas. NBGM started out above the main Chromatic art, and next to Video Game Village, a massive collab of several factions. TPE started near the center of the canvas, next to Cell Lattice, Pride Faction, Legion, and Pixelstuck. OG started at the top right of the canvas, also next to Pride Faction. GG started at the bottom left of the right-most cloud.

A little over 2 and a half weeks into the canvas, "FUCKTHISWEBSITE" or "FTW", a griefer of the Chromatic Empire, and several of her Imperial Subject factions, was permanently banned due to alt-accounting. This sparked huge arguments in chat over if the ban was fair, and that he should be unbanned. This later lead to a Chromatic Imperial raid on the artwork of FTW's allies, the Sigma Confederacy, in the so called Pepe Raid. In this, a Bahamian "buddy" was built over their art in little under an hour, with support from the Chromatic Imperial Armed Forces, Purple Imperial Defense Forces, Navy Blue Monarchical Militia Forces, and several volunteers from outside sources. At the time, over 1300px/hr were being placed on the raid buddy, totaling a little under half of all pixels placed during that time (around a total of 2900px/hr).

Around 6 days later, at exactly 2pm EST on June 25th, the invasion was launched. The operation made a lot of progress in short time, because in just 6 hours almost one third of the template, or around 10,000 pixels, was completed. Codenamed Operation Cellprog, or the Opcellog, this was the invasion of Cell Lattice after they failed to uphold the peace treaty of the previous Cell War on Canvas 54 (launched by the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy, The Purple Empire, and many other factions). The peace conditions that were negotiated during the later stages of the Opcellog resulted in GreenCatKid (Somekid on canvas) leaving Cell Lattice, and his leadership position being filled by ioanBG and pineApple (Liam on discord), with ioanBG becoming the faction's effective leader on Pxls, as he had some experience by being admin there before.

Since Canvas 57 the Chromatic Empire has used a megatemplate, by combining all Imperial Subject templates into one, called the Greater Chromatic Empire (GChE), called so due to it being used for tracking purposes in the Clueless template progress tracker, and to gauge the total placed pixels by the Chromatic Empire. This template was updated manually by Chancellor Temriel at almost every template update to any of the Imperial Subject's templates, and at the end of the canvas around 313k pixels had been placed on this template. This marks the biggest the Chromatic Empire has been, even though this was her third canvas.

Canvas 59

On this canvas, the Chromatic Empire exercised a strategy much like it did on Canvas 56, where all Imperial territory was combined into a single unified template, and with a lattice consisting of all her Imperial Subjects' colours.

The Purple Empire organized its closest allies into principalities on this canvas: Big Trans Flags and Candies n' Curses n' Pixels. Both factions were taken under the umbrella of Chromatic Imperial Principalities. Character Pxls, a faction closely tied to Teal Kingdom, and the Watermelon Syndicate were also raised as principalities of the Chromatic Empire on Canvas 59. Finally, the Empire formed an official alliance with MPSZ during the later stages of C59.

On the second of August, with less than 24 hours until reset, pineApple and ioanBG were unexpectedly removed from power within Cell Lattice's Discord server by Nudl, who still owned the server. He had spoken with GreenCatKid and others about restoring them to power in Cells, and to have them lead the faction once again to greatness. This was in knowing violation of the peace terms of the Opcellog. Nudl's actions proved to be a fatal mistake for Cell Lattice, as less than 3 hours later, at 7pm GMT, the Second Opcellog was launched by the Chromatic Empire. In less than 12 hours, the 10.5k template placed over Cell Lattice was completed, and "Condition B" went into effect.

Canvas 60

The idea for this canvas's Chromatic Imperial template was conceived two months in advance, in June of 2022. The concept was that all Chromatic Imperial Subjects would focus primarily on placing their respective backgrounds, with almost no art being made - it was dubbed a background canvas. This concept was designated for use on Canvas 60 since the Minister of Art, Monster_Chicken, thought it would be nice to have it on such an even-numbered canvas. The Council of Representatives decided that the Chromatic Empire should begin in the centre of the canvas, and expand outwards from there.

Once reset finally occurred, the Chromatic Empire was continually griefed by users who were upset over the destruction of Cell Lattice in the Second Opcellog. This abated after around a week.

An unfortunate fact of Canvas 60 was that it was naturally purple. This meant that The Purple Empire had to quickly rethink on what they could do, as making a purple background on a purple canvas was simply not an option. Then a radical alternative was proposed, where the faction would, for this canvas only, make a mauve background instead. This was accepted by Chancellor Temriel, who also led The Purple Empire, and the faction started building a mauve background for this canvas. From this whole ordeal, an inside joke spawned from within TPE, where the faction would, for this canvas, rename itself to "The Empire of Mauve", or "TEM" for short. This was a spin on Temriel's username, and was gladly accepted by him for the duration of the canvas.

The Empire began in the centre of the canvas, and quickly expanded herself, as within a few days of the initial template being posted, new member-specific ones would be made as the main ChE one was completed. This would also lead to the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy abandoning the initial idea of no artwork, as an empty space with no arts was both controversial and would attract newer users to place artwork over the background, thinking that it wasn't occupied. TPE would also later use this strategy to claim areas it was expanding in, as to hopefully discourage newer users from making artwork there.

The NBGM conducted a raid on The Flood during Canvas 60, hastening the process of its ultimate downfall.

The Twitch streamer KingSammelot joined on this canvas. An unofficial alliance between the Chromatic Empire and his community was established by pineApple.

Mechanical Pxls went through a complete rebrand on Canvas 60, becoming known as the Metallic Monarchy. It relinquished its ties to Cell Lattice and became a vassal of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and Chromatic Empire. It was promptly added to the GChE template and taken under Imperial protection.

The Imperial Reform program was started on Canvas 60 (largely in response to criticism of the "background canvas" concept), and would remain in development until its release on Canvas 61.

The final size of the GChE template on Canvas 60 was an astonishing 439.7k pixels, increasing more than 100k from Canvas 59, and occupying about 17.6% of the canvas.

Canvas 60a

During this short -snip- mode canvas, the Empire started small in the right-most bottom corner of the corner with an art made by Temriel, representing the Empire via various bits of meaningful symbolism. This would later get expanded upon with a grubby-balloon and a purple/green flower added elsewhere on the canvas.

During this canvas, the Empire was in the Crucible War against Gura's Supermarket, agreed upon during the last days of Canvas 60 between Temriel and gaudi999, with the original idea coming from Qeao (Ryeam on canvas). The first faction to take a move was Gura's Supermarket, attacking the Balloon Buddy by replacing it with a "Golden Gura" and replacing the balloons from Chromatic Imperial themed ones to golden shaded ones. The "Golden gura", as it's called, would be the highest rank GSm would ever make in their automatic ranking system (though not yet fully realized). The reason for raiding ChE with it was a reference to Temriel talking about how he would "one day" get the rank. Obviously this was never going to happen, since the vast majority of "OPs" that Temriel had was from chatting, and considering the fact that he never placed for GSm at all, except in very special circumstances. The Empire counterattacked, giving a devastating blow to GSm by placing down a huge "Gun Grubby" (artwork of the Grubby holding a gun) over GSm. x190 members supplied the art of a small "kotana potato", which would successfully be built alongside the Gun Grubby.

This war was considered fun at the start, however it would later lead to Legion and the Femboy Café getting involved on the side of GSm, a very controversial move, as seen from the eyes of the Empire. With the advent of Legion involvement in the war, the Empire would initially lose small parts of her artwork, but quickly regain it after only a few hours. Another attack by Legion around 12 hours later managed to cover the Imperial core with an art of Dr. Livesey, but the occupation was short-lived; an Imperial counterattack retook the core a few hours later. Though successful in driving Legion away a second time, the Chromatic Empire was distracted enough to allow Gura's Supermarket to destroy the Gun Grubby and Konata Potato template over their own core. This meant that both sides had been driven off the other's core (though the Chromatic Empire's occupation of the GSm core lasted much longer than the Legion occupation of ChE).

With both occupations ended, the status quo ante bellum was restored. Gaudi quickly negotiated an end to GSm involvement in the war with Temriel.

Though the GSm-ChE war was over, Legion continued to be an active belligerent, making a third attack on the Imperial core. ChE commenced a counterattack, and midway through it Snegovich agreed to peace terms put forward by pineApple. This solidified the status quo that existed before the war, and permanently ended hostilities for the parties involved.

The Empire then placed down a deep-gray coloured background on canvas, connecting the "Balloon Grubby" and the core. GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 25.4k, which was about 10% of the canvas.

Canvas 61

In the beginnings of the canvas, the Empire experienced a rushed reset which lead to the initial not being done when it actually arrived. Many were also shocked at the small size of the canvas, as it was a full 700k pixels smaller than Canvas 60.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 236.5k, which was about 13.8% of the canvas.


Canvas 62

The Chromatic Empire is running collabs with x190, Polonian Pxls, and FURU Pxls.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 504k, which was about 25.3% of the canvas.


Canvas 63

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 493.8k, which was about 28% of the canvas.


Canvas 64

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 335.4k, which was about 22.3% of the canvas.


Canvas 64a

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 3.9k, which may seem small, however the canvas was very small, so it equated to about 27.1% of the canvas.


Canvas 65

This canvas, the Empire combined its template with Schizophrenia and other factions, collaborating on defense and placement.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 701k, which was about 42.7% of the canvas. This is the largest GChE template by pure percentile coverage of the canvas.


Canvas 65a

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 6.1k, which was about 21.1% of the canvas.


Canvas 66

This canvas saw the return of Yoib for a few hours, before PineApple eventually forced SkrillyD, leader of PokePxls (the faction that was collabing with Yoib), to kick them out of the collab and let Yoib rest, for good. Some members of Yoib are still present on Pxls from when they temporarily came back however.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 504.7k, which was about 34.5% of the canvas.


Canvas 67

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 426.8k, which was about 26.5% of the canvas.


Canvas 67a

The Chromatic Empire would prove itself capable once again, placing down several of the largest artworks on canvas while gaining direct support from its vassals as a centralizing measure.

Canvas 68

This was the most recent "separated canvas" of the Chromatic Empire, meaning a canvas without a central Imperial core.

The Navy Blue Grand Monarchy collaborated with the Principality of Imperium with a template in the top left of the canvas. Egos for pineApple, ioanBG, IronHebo, and WoKeN were also built.

The Purple Empire created a template in the top middle of the canvas. The Elemental Confederation created a template (structurally a collab between the Metallic Monarchy and Aquatic Monarchy) in the top left corner of the canvas.

Orange Gang and Green Gang collaborated with a template called "Gang Gang" wedged between the Elemental Confederation and Principality of Video Game Artists.

Teal Kingdom rested.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 415k, which was about 23.3% of the canvas.

Canvas 69

Canvas 69 was a "parasite canvas" in which the Chromatic Assistance Program (ChAP) played a major part. The Chromatic Empire helped Schizophrenia, the GDPlace-Osu! collab, Red Panda, Mob and Dimple, the Principality of Avalonia, Jen's Nyami artwork, Legion, the "Unpleasant Gradient," and the Miku Monarchy-Lunes collab.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 459.2k, which was about 26.1% of the canvas.

Canvas 70

Canvas 70 saw the creation of an Imperial core designed by Layla and a background designed by Temriel. It also contained a collab between the Principalities of FURU Pxls and Shoryuken, as well as egos for pineApple, Sohiimfine, weird_kit, Nizrab, IronHebo, and others (who I can't identify). The Greater Chromatic Empire template, including vassals and some allies, contained art by the Miku Monarchy, Lesser Kingdom of Magenta, High Church of Luigi, Knightly Helpers, Principality of Beansland, Principality of Video Game Artists, Eientei Province, Candies n' Curses n' Pxls, Freestyle Pxls, Skill Issue, Lunes and Schizophrenia. The Principality of Bahamaland, Principality of Nonexistent Canvas, Principality of Aqua and Lesser Kingdom of Crimson were represented in pineApple's ego.

The Chromatic Empire participated in CDawgVA's clone, building their own art and participating in the defense of Schizophrenia there. Imperial troops also supported the broader community during r/place 2023.

ChAP assistance operations were launched in support of Candies n' Curses n' Pxls, the High Church of Luigi, and Pebble's solo art. The Empire remained neutral in the Creeper War and the griefing against Solvernia.

Several factions were raised to the status of Imperial vassal on Canvas 71; the Principality of Toon Pxls, the Principality of Beansland (through NBGM), and the HoYoverse Arts Society.

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 436.3k, which was about 28% of the canvas.

Canvas 71

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 608.3k, which was about 34% of the canvas.

Canvas 72

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 559.7k, which was about 29.3% of the canvas.

Canvas 73

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 666.9k, which was about 34.1% of the canvas.

Canvas 74

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 805.2k, which was about 40% of the canvas.

Canvas 75

collab with GL :D

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 899.4k, which was about 40% of the canvas. This is the largest GChE template to date in pure size, meanwhile Canvas 65 still has the largest total percentile coverage.

Canvas 76

GChE's final size at the end of this canvas was at around 845.9k, which was about 41.8% of the canvas.

Canvas 77

Canvas 78

Canvas 79

Canvas 80

Due to numerous disagreements between Temriel and pineApple, he and The Purple Empire would pull out of the Chromatic Empire this canvas.

Orange Gang would also officially declare independence during this time.l


Faction governance

Great Offices

The Chromatic Emperor (Imperial Throne)

The current Emperor of the Chromatic Empire is Timmy II of the Bahamian House of Cromburg. The Emperor serves as the highest-ranking diplomat of the ChE and retains the power to open polls for the Council of Representatives. However, the Emperor is not typically permitted to vote in polls (except when breaking ties). The Emperor can also remove Representatives in the event of special circumstances like abuse of power.

The Chancellor

The current Chancellor of the Chromatic Empire is Temriel I of the Purple Imperial House of Deltearia. The Chancellor serves as head of the Council of Representatives and manages internal policy. The Chancellor also serves as the secondary political leader of the Empire, and can vote in polls. If the Emperor is not available, the Chancellor can if needed use the powers of the Emperors position to discuss certain things that may occur.

The Estates-General

Council of Representatives

The representative body of the Chromatic Empire.

Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
Orange Gang
  • Monster_Chicken (Head)
  • MowKitty
  • Woahdang_Jr
The Purple Empire
Green Gang
  • Benjaboi (Head)
Teal Kingdom
  • Layla (Head)
  • Xscape (Head)
  • Anti
Elemental Confederation
Imperial Representatives
Former Representatives

Imperial Ministries

  • Ministry of Defence: Governs the Chromatic Imperial Armed Forces. Led by Minister of Defence ioanBG.
  • Imperial Territorial Agency: Conducts diplomacy on behalf of the Chromatic Empire. Led by Minister of Diplomacy Evelyn29.
  • Ministry of Art: Creates, manages, and updates templates. Led by Minister of Art Monster_Chicken de jure, led by Temriel and IronHebo de facto as per the Council of Representatives internal decision.
  • Imperial Constabulary: Regulates the Discord server of the Chromatic Empire. Led by Head of Imperial Constabulary IronHebo.
  • Historical Corps: Archives the history of the Chromatic Empire and its associated factions. Led by Head Historian ioanBG.

Other Agencies and Organizations


The military strength of the Chromatic Empire is derived from its Imperial Subjects, Vassals, and Allies. It is organized under the central command of the Chromatic Imperial Armed Forces, but localized operations can also be carried out by the Regional Army of an Imperial Subject.

List of Imperial Estates

Imperial Subjects

Full-fledged member factions are called "imperial subjects." They maintain membership and an oath of loyalty to the Chromatic Empire.


These are factions sworn to the Chromatic Empire but not yet large enough to attain the status of an Imperial Subject. They are represented in the Council of Representatives by a full-fledged Imperial Subject, or they are Immediate Vassals.

Lesser Kingdoms/Lesser Monarchies
Knightly Orders
Unique Vassals

List of allies


Common symbols and terms

Lore and titulature

Imperial Fiefs

Imperial Fiefs
Name Owner Note
Gold Point Castle pineApple
Glazemark pineApple
Golfeto Fiŝo pineApple
Amaranthine Keep Temriel
Heliotrope Castle Temriel
Purpura Temriel
West Cas Temriel
Cape of Tangerines IoanBG
South Cas IoanBG
Sunford IoanBG
Tritsch Castle IoanBG
Torus Tower Nizrab
East Cas Nizrab
Fringefort Nizrab
Rosaria Lana
North Cas Aleks909


Canvas 58

Canvas 59

Canvas 60

Canvas 60a

Canvas 62

Canvas 63

Canvas 64

Canvas 65

Canvas 66

Canvas 67

Canvas 68

Canvas 71

Canvas 72

  • Fiddled Art Raid: Chromatic Imperial raid on fiddled artwork, mostly used as a training exercise while cleaning up the canvas.

Canvas 74

  • Chromatic Imperial Defence of Flandre: Chromatic Imperial Intervention to defend Flandre due to the raid being performed by known ChE griefers.
  • Guddy's Vacation Raid: Raid on Chalkless' artwork due to his previous griefs of the Empire.




  1. H2O Lattice was later renamed Aquatic Monarchy and became a vassal of the Elemental Confederation