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Hello! I am Eve, previously known as LenEnjoyer and I have a complicated and somewhat controversial history here on Pxls! I am the main writer of this page, however I will use third-person for consistency as anyone is free to edit this page as long as they aren't putting misinformation or hate :) I am trans and my pronouns are she/her, but I went by any pronouns when I first joined Pxls.

Joining the website (Canvas 55)

Eve signed up for Pxls during late Canvas 55 (under the name "LenEnjoyer") due to the Place Invasion and her dedication to r/PlacePride (known on Pxls as Pride Faction). She was 14 when she signed up and suffered from a severe medical condition throughout 2022 and felt like Pxls was an escape from it. She was a vocaloid fanatic at the time and a Kagamine Len fangirl, which many found annoying. She immediately joined TheBestYouHaveEverSeen's vocaloid themed faction, Miku Monarchy (at the time known as Miku and More) and became a co-owner of it.

She was, and somewhat still is, very known for spamming "ok get lenned". A GIF of a niche fan-made animated music video for the explicit Kagamine Len song, "SPICE!" captioned "ok get lenned".

A GIF that was frequently used by Eve

Early work (Canvas 56 - Canvas 58)

Eve spent her 3 canvases on Pxls working as an avid placer and co-owner of the Miku Monarchy faction. You can read more about the art the Miku Monarchy made on it's page. She was not particularly active in the community-side of Pxls and didn't understand how things worked, resulting in poor management in a conflict between Miku Monarchy and Trollge Confederacy.

Super Serious Pixel Group affiliation (Canvas 59 - Canvas 61)

Miku Monarchy, at the time known as Miku and More's artwork on the "Space Collab"

Following IWBTG Pxls helping Miku Monarchy find placement during Canvas 58, plans for a collaboration between the two factions started to take place. This collaboration took place on Canvas 59, a canvas where there were eight sun-rays outside the main circle of the canvas. Miku Monarchy and IWBTG Pxls' collaboration art happened to be on the eastern sun-ray alongside Frog Pixels United's second ever "Frog Lattice". Miku Monarchy's leader started to loose interest in Pxls, leading to Eve taking more of a owner position in the faction despite officially being a co-owner until far later. The three factions worked together and with the other artworks on the sun-ray to form the "Eastern Sunray Collective", which organized the sun-ray and helped the completion of the Frog Lattice. Given the success of this collaboration, a Space Collab was organized by leader of IWBTG Pxls, AliceNobodi and leader of ZIM art, ceadog. The Space Collab, which Eve was a crucial member of, was heavily shamed for it's poor management, poorly made art (Eve's part typically being considered the worst), petty conflict between them and The Purple Empire (known as the Space Collab Incident) and ceadog's inability to reason with The Purple Empire, The Chromatic Empire and Liam, despite the other leaders wishes. ceadog's behaviour led to the Space Collab being abandoned and the core factions (Excluding ceadog's ZIM art faction) working under the label Super Serious Pixel Group, which also ended up riddled in several controversies for similar reasons to the Space Collab, along with it's failure to defend IWBTG Pxls against what was essentially just a few users having fun.

All of this led Eve to respectfully drop out of the group in favour of the Chromatic Empire, which was offering to accept all SSPG factions as vassals, a term used to describe factions that are affiliated with the empire.

Other works from this time

"Lunes art is cool wow" (Canvas 60)

An artwork of a Discord message where Eve compliments Lunes' artwork.

Dhilly Propaganda Pxls (Canvas 60)

After failing to fit it inside of Canvas 59, and failing to convince the Space Collab to include it, Eve made art advertising her game, Dhilly Game 6 during Canvas 60. She promised placers beta access to the game, and after about one year of waiting, delivered on that promise. Despite the year of waiting, placers provided a lot of feedback and helped make improvements to the game, and were included in the credits.

"ok get lenned" (Canvas 61)

Eve made her iconic "ok get lenned" GIF into an Ego to celebrate reaching 50,000 all-time pixels.

Chromatic Empire affiliation (Late Canvas 61 - present)

After leaving the Super Serious Pixel Group behind her, Eve and what was now essentially her faction, the Miku Monarchy had a great future ahead of them in the Chromatic Empire. Eve's comfort character, mascot of the Miku Monarchy and variation of Buddy, Mikuddy was made around this time and has been rather iconic ever since, appearing in most canvases on Pxls, having her own variants (Monster Energy Mikuddy and Trans Mikuddy), and appearing in Eve's game, Dhilly Game 6. While starting out just a vassal representative, Eve proved loyal to the Chromatic Empire and it's emperor, and eventually was made a member of the Council of Representatives, a group that votes on decisions of the empire. She was also given some other roles such as the leading one of the first knightly orders of the Chromatic Empire, the "Knights of Buddy", and even leading the Pride Faction throughout Canvas 71 and 72, which she found very exciting, as she joined Pxls as just one of the hundreds of PlacePride members, and turned out to become a leader. Though, she started to lose interest in Pxls after this and be less active.

Eve loves Chromatic Empire and Liam and Temriel and Chromatic Empire's vassals.

Other works from this time

"viberz" (Canvas 62)

A art made in collaboration with Eve's at the time girlfriend, YuaBeVibin, was made at the top of Canvas 62.

LenEnjoyer Pixel Request 1 *Eve land Era 1* (Canvas 63)

First era of Eve land. A Google Form was created to request pixels, and those were the only pixels that Eve could place.

Ego (Canvas 64)

Eve made an ego above the Miku Monarchy and Watermelon Province collaboration artwork with her at the time girlfriend. It is quite humorous as her girlfriend never placed more than 1000 pixels, and the character used to represent Eve looks nothing like her and has never been used to represent her elsewhere.

Frog Buddys *Eve land Era 2* (Canvas 65)

Second era of Eve land. Frog Pixels United themed Buddys were made around Left's art.

Nizrab Lattice (Canvas 67)

Eve made a lattice themed around the user Nizrab

Mikuddy Ego (Canvas 68)

Eve made a Mikuddy themed ego near Jen's art, which she was helping this canvas.

Lunes art is cool wow (Canvas 68)

Eve made her discord message again, to show continued love for the Lunes faction.

Anti _etta confederacy *Eve land Era 3* (Canvas 68)

A one hour long third era to Eve land called "Anti _Etta Confederacy".

LenEnjoyer Pixel Request 2 *Eve land Era 4* (Canvas 76)

A sequel to LenEnjoyer Pixel Request. It wasn't completed as Eve had personal problems in her life regarding access to HRT and didn't have the time for Pxls.

Can affiance

Eve has made several Cans on Pxls. She still hasn't grown out of the joke, but she pretends she has.