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yuabevibin first created her pxls account to help Dhilly Propaganda Pxls during Canvas 60 and later came back to take the website more seriously during Canvas 62, when she co-founded the Serial Experiments Lain with LenEnjoyer, the great friend of hers writing this page. Whenever Yua and LenEnjoyer place together, they follow a certain pattern, by following each other, and working on the same area. Despite this only being due to Yua's lack of knowledge at the time, both Yua and Len found this found this pleasing, and from then Yua does it to symbolise their closeness.

During Canvas 62, she made a figure of herself with Len's help. Not long later, on the 30th October 2022, she founded the IZUMI Creative Foundation, a faction dedicated to enabling creativity, by following the unique idea of allowing others to submit art. From that, a submission is selected by the deadline, and built, before repeating this routine.