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Founded4/24/18 (Canvas 10)
PredecessorPxls Equestria
FounderValra Bellkeys and Danmur15

ManePxls is Pxls' resident brony faction, whose aim is to create art from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and other MLP related media.

All images included in the "Projects" section are cropped. You can visit the Pxls Archives to see the full versions of the canvases.


ManePxls was started by Discord user Valra Bellkeys#3134 on 4/24/18. Discussion about bringing ponies to began in the Manechat Discord server between Valra Bellkeys#3134, danmur15#7448, Siarnaq#4452, and hydroglyphic#4775. ManePxls did not officially begin calling themselves "ManePxls" until after they moved to their secondary location on Canvas 10, originally writing "r/manechat" instead.


Canvas 10

ManePxls started out with big plans to invade osu!'s art to gain a foothold on the canvas. This was okay to begin with but it got a few people angry, in and outside of Pxls, so that plan was cancelled. After helping to repair the original artwork, ManePxls found a home on the right border, where they did not intervene with any other art for the duration of the canvas.

Canvas 10's first artwork

Canvas 11

Now with a more sizeable faction than canvas 10, ManePxls attempted to secure an area all to themselves by working with other factions in the Pxls Discord server. However, they got pushed out of their original spot (to the right of AFiP) and had to squeeze in between two pieces of artwork by Discord user dani26795#0181. As the Canvas progressed, ManePxls branched out into abandoned or empty spaces surrounding the 'core'.

Midway through the canvas, ManePxls took part in a raid against Woke Cells.

It is also to be noted that two new factions came out of this canvas.

Rainbow Lattice

This is the first time Rainbow Lattice was used as infill. At this point it was still a part of ManePxls, but it would soon break off as its own faction.

"Anti Bronie Coalation"[sic]

While an enemy of ManePxls, it is important to note that this was the first canvas where the "Anti Bronie Coalation"[sic] (ABC) began to harass ManePxls.

Canvas 12

Since the canvas was so small, ManePxls only built a tiny Roseluck in the bottom left, and a bit of Rainbow Lattice at the top.

Canvas 13

This was the first canvas where ManePxls had its own designated area. Canvas 13 was relatively uneventful other than attacks from ABC towards the end and users writing funny phrases into the art while working. There was also a tribute to the main factions that ManePxls was allied with at the time, in between the apple and the FiM Fiction logo. These allies included (left to right) AFiP, Flower Lattice, Green Lattice, Red Lattice, Rainbow Road, and Rainbow Lattice.

Canvas 13b

Canvas 14

This was the largest area ManePxls took up across it's time on Pxls up until canvas 71. This combined with a smaller than expected canvas caused more of the community to begin disliking ManePxls. Discord user Glitchdemall#0001 decided to start the message below ManePxls' area which was intended to say "You ponies need to make your area smaller. We want space too. -Pxls Community". However this did not end up this way as it became a meme within the community.

To help appease the community, ManePxls gave up a slot on the left side of their area to the newly formed LoL faction, which later became home to the Fox faction. Also, a cookie was added to the mouth of the grey bat pony "Miss Ping" by request of a few members of the community.

During the construction of the art, the members became worried that it would not be completed due to an increase in artwork size and a decline in active members. From this point on ManePxls would scale down its plans each canvas.

Artists: danmur15 (Miss Ping & Nitro Boost, most of the other art), Ziggurat Vertigo (Royal sisters, Cleaning up Miss Ping & Nitro Boost), Allet the cat (cleaning up Royal sisters)

Canvas 15

Instead of mostly art in the ManePxls area on canvas 15, ManePxls members' original characters were used, in the style of the game Pony Town, as a sort of tribute to the members who made ManePxls possible.

Artist: Ziggurat Vertigo (Pizza Cadence)

Canvas 16

It was originally planned to do a 360x300 piece, but due to a smaller than expected canvas size, this was brought down to 330x160. Later on the "Manechat stamp" was added as part of a collaboration between ManePxls and the Manechat Discord server, marking the first time the two servers had actually worked together since the creation of ManePxls.

On this canvas ManePxls was also the most active, conflict-wise. They technically participated in 5 conflicts, which was double all previous conflicts.

Artist: Ziggurat Vertigo (CMC, Octascratch hug), danmur15 (Manechat logo)

Canvas 17

Since Halloween was slated to take place during canvas 17, the artwork for the canvas was focused mostly around that, such as Derpy in her Halloween costume from one of the Nightmare Night episodes, Flutterbat, Rainbow Factory Rainbow Dash, a pony themed jack-o-lantern, and a tombstone. Canvas 17 was conflict-free, besides a few members independently helping in the fight against the 2ch threat.

Artists: danmur15 (Derpy, grave, pumpkin), Shadowtrot (Flutterbat), TheWaffleLord (touchups)

Canvas 18

After being told that the canvas would most likely be very short, ManePxls held off on their holiday theme until the next canvas so that it would happen during the holiday season. Instead a wide assortment of art was made, similar to earlier canvases. Although there was no conflict with other factions, there was disagreement between a few members of ManePxls as to what the speech bubble should say. The original artwork said "We ponies are totally fuckable", but it was decided to change this to "We ponies are totally snuggable".

Canvas 18 was also the shortest canvas that ManePxls participated in, only taking 16 days as opposed to the usual 35+ days it takes. This short canvas length was mostly due to 2ch filling the canvas very quickly.

Artists: Ziggurat Vertigo (Lyra), Spaceship180 (Rainboom), Pro-Flyer (Autumn Blaze)

Canvas 19

Even though Christmas was almost exactly a month away, Pxls mods assured the community that canvas 19 would last through the holiday season. With this in mind ManePxls began work on their Hearth's Warming Eve themed art, with most of the reference art coming from a holiday special that was released late October called The Best Gift Ever. This was also the first canvas since canvas 13 where Rainbow Lattice was not used as a background, instead using a themed background from the holiday special.

Artists: danmur15, TheWaffleLord (touch-ups)

Canvas 20

Taking a different approach to art on the canvas, there was one large piece instead of many smaller pieces. Rainbow Lattice was once again used but they mainly operated as their own faction, since there was no longer a specific box to fill. From this point forward, ManePxls projects no longer took Rainbow Lattice into account, making them essentially autonomous.

Artist: Ziggurat Vertigo

Canvas 21

ManePxls were once again not able to find space big enough for a box, and instead two medium sized projects were made, along with a member's OC which was added later. This spot on the canvas was chosen because of how similar Avogadro's project looked to the Crystal Heart in the show.

Artists: Allet the cat (Tree of Harmony), Jack [Ever] Everson (Twilight)

Canvas 21a

ManePxls constructed a saluting Rainbow Dash in the bottom right of the canvas, while a solo ManePxls member constructed a large Inky Rose on the left which ManePxls as a whole later helped out once the main artwork was complete.

Canvas 22

For ManePxls' first anniversary, a template was designed with the founding members in mind. In the center was the /mlp/ 4cc shield that had become common for imagery of the faction, including the Discord server logo. To the left of the shield was a list of all the ManePxls mods who had helped up to that point. To the right was a list of early members and people who helped out in the early days of the faction. Finally, above the shield was listed the three main founders and admins of the faction.

Besides the tribute, many individual members planned artwork. Shown here are Vinyl Scratch and Twilight pieces, but there were also pieces for Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer, and an OC.

Artists: danmur15 (Main art), TheWaffleLord (Vinyl Scratch)

Canvas 23

Due to a decline in active members over the last few canvases, focus was shifted from multiple pieces to a singular large main piece, and this canvas was no different. The main piece for this canvas was the new treehouse that was revealed in the season 9 episode "Uprooted."

Besides the main art there was also a large Starlight Glimmer, not pictured here.

Artist: Allet the cat

Canvas 24

For this canvas, ManePxls built Luna wearing the classic "Rainbow Dash sunglasses." There was also a small Celestia "heart pony" near the bottom of the canvas.

Artist: Allet the cat

Canvas 25

For this canvas, a giant Princess Twilight was made. Independent of ManePxls, a small artwork of the character "Littlepip" from Fallout Equestria was made next to Twilight.

Artist: Allet the cat

Canvas 26

Sticking with the theme from the last two canvases, a simple Mane 6 group hug was planned for the canvas. There were some issues with fitting the original image to the Pxls color palette, but they were eventually sorted out.

Artists: TheWaffleLord, Allet the cat

Canvas 27

Once again, a simple Luna and Celestia project was planned for the canvas. No issues seemed to arise during this time.

Artist: TheWaffleLord

Canvas 28

Finally breaking the string of more "simplistic" projects, a Halloween themed piece was planned. The last themed piece was on canvas 19, for Christmas of 2018.

It is also worth noting that this was the canvas where the playerbase for Pxls exploded. First there was a video posted by popular YouTuber RTGame about the original r/place, which boosted site usage a little. The real flood of new users came after a TikTok about went viral, bringing the online users to its highest peak since many of the early canvases (over 2 years earlier). This, in turn, boosted the number of active users in the ManePxls Discord.

Artist: TheWaffleLord

Canvas 29

After the spike in new users from the previous canvas, a larger project was able to be planned. In coordination with the recently aired final episode of My Little Pony, the template was based on art about the epilogue.

Artists: danmur15, TheWaffleLord

Canvas 30

During this canvas, ManePxls decided to join a group of several other large factions to create The 2nd Pixel Axis. The Axis designed art with a mixture of several different parts from all of the factions in the alliance.

Artist: TheWaffleLord (Royal sisters, ManePxls banner)

Canvas 30a

Due to this canvas being much shorter than usual, (It being a gimmick canvas and not a main canvas) ManePxls decided not to make any art until the next main canvas. Partway through the canvas however, the Pxls staff decided to enlarge the canvas, allowing ManePxls room to make a small Luna holding a cookie in her mouth at the bottom of the canvas.

Artists: JoeyDR, TheWaffleLord

Canvas 31

Seeing as this canvas took place during the holiday season, ManePxls decided to make a winter themed art involving the Cutie Mark Crusaders. On top of this, some small art of the Mane 6 made by Parallel Black was built. (Parallel Black had made a large collection of mini ponies that ManePxls had used throughout the canvases over the years.)

Artists: TheWaffleLord (CMC), sanicbum (Derpy), Parallel Black (Mane 6), JoeyDR (QR Code), Turner (ManePxls logo on QR code)

Canvas 32

Artist: TheWaffleLord

Canvas 33

Artist: TheWaffleLord

Canvas 34

Nearing the end of the canvas, a ManePxls user decided to build several smaller ponies around the canvas; four of which can be seen in the image below. (Princess Cadance, Pear Butter, Moon Dancer, and Vinyl Scratch.)

Artist: TheWaffleLord

Canvas 34a

Artist: FurryRaver4life (found the art online, not a ManePxls member)

Canvas 35

Due to the canvas being so small, ManePxls claimed one of the raindrops instead of attempting to build somewhere on the cloud.

Artists: epicvon (Roseluck), JoeyDR (Littlepip), Spaceship180 (Rainboom)

Canvas 36

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 37

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 38

Artist: Turner

Canvas 39

For this canvas ManePxls constructed a memorial for Pxls user Spurdot Tulille after it was discovered that he passed away several months earlier.

Artists: epicvon (Twilight), JoeyDR (Green Byte OC), dasheroni (CMC)

Canvas 40

ManePxls built a collaborative art piece with Cursed Clan on this canvas after JarJar_Boinks jokingly contacted TheWaffleLord about a possible collab.

The origin for the art in the bottom right can be found here.

Artists: epicvon (Discord, Cursed Twilight), Sidestep (Sweetooth), JarJar_Boinks (Bojack Pinkie), TheWaffleLord (Touchups on Bojack Pinkie)

Canvas 41

Artist: dasheroni

Canvas 42

During this canvas, we collabed with Pixelstuck.

Artists: dasheroni (AJ & Rarity Campfire), diamondwolfq (Dirk riding RD)

Canvas 43

Artist: epicvon (Derpy+Happy Holidays text, 2021 fireworks pony, Luna)
Artist: dasheroni

Canvas 43a

This canvas was quite different than Mane's usual big art piece or two in that there were many small art pieces spread around the entire canvas.

ManePxls also collaborated with Bag Faction and built several bags made to look like the Mane 6.

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 44

On this canvas ManePxls teamed up with Legion to make a collaborative art piece.

Artist: dasheroni
Artists: Molodoy (Main art), epicvon (Touching up the face)

Canvas 45

Due to ManePxls' original location being removed by 2ch, they relocated to the outskirts of the canvas.

Artist: epicvon (Apple Bloom, Celestia)
Artist: dasheroni

Canvas 45a

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 46

As part of a truce with 2ch, ManePxls built a pony made to look like the character Alisa from Everlasting Summer which is often depicted as the mascot for 2ch.

Artists: epicvon (Flower Sisters, touchups on the 2ch pony's mane), TheWaffleLord (2ch pony), MOONRUNNER (touchups on the 2ch pony's mane)

Canvas 47

Artists: dasheroni (Luna, background pattern), JoeyDR (Sipping green pony), Tobezz (Sitting pony, DerpyAww, apple, muffin, sun)

Canvas 48

During this canvas, Defensive Lobster and Pixelstuck assisted ManePxls is the rebuilding of an older art piece that got covered by 2ch on canvas 45 which you can see in the second image. (Apple Cider)

The art was also edited by epicvon to be less St. Patrick's Day themed since the holiday had long passed by that point.

Artist: epicvon
Artist: epicvon
Artist: JoeyDR (Green Byte OC and Vanillaberry Swirl OC)

Canvas 49

Artists: epicvon (Tempest, Guard pony), JoeyDR (Fluttershy), TheWaffleLord (Touchups to Fluttershy)

Canvas 50

Artists: epicvon (Mane 5), JoeyDR (Pinkie, ego)
Artist: dasheroni (Sunny)

Canvas 51

During this canvas, we collabed with Pixelstuck.

Artists: epicvon (Chrysalis), diamondwolfq (Pixelstuck collab)

Canvas 52

The art epicvon created for this canvas is comprised of a bunch of OC's made by ManePxls members, similar to the art ManePxls made on canvas 15.

Artists: epicvon (Main art), TheWaffleLord (Touchups)

Canvas 53

Artist: dasheroni (Applebloom+Sweetie Belle and Queen Novo)

Canvas 54

Artists: dasheroni (Trixie), epicvon (Twilight), JoeyDR (Flutterdash Cloud)

Canvas 55

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 56

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 56a

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 57

During this canvas, we took part in the Fish Collab.

Artists: epicvon (Princes Skystar and Queen Novo), Virgu (Croconaw Spike)

Canvas 58

During this canvas, we collabed with The Galactic Republic.

Artists: JoeyDR & TheWaffleLord (Star Wars collab), Eezu (Pansexual Pride pony)

Canvas 59

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 60

Artists: epicvon (Zipp, Hitch&Cloudpuff), dasheroni (Izzy,Sunny,Pipp)

Canvas 60a

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 61

Due to extensive griefs, some ManePxls members only built several small ponies around the canvas unlike the usual singular large project the faction had been doing for several years.

Canvas 62

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 63

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 64

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 64a

ManePxls just bult a small Rainbow Dash at the top, and a tiny Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash on the right.

Canvas 65

Following a large raid from Flandre, a compromise was worked out between the groups to have a slash and damage indicators added around the art using the textures that appear when you attack a character in Undertale.

Artist: epicvon (Twilight reading, Tank), dasheroni (Captain Celaeno)

Canvas 65a

ManePxls built a small Spike head in the top right and added many rings of color around him.

Canvas 66

For this canvas, ManePxls constructed an animated art piece that changed over time, cycling through the 5 main characters in the new generation of My Little Pony.

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 67

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 67a

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 68

Artist: dasheroni, NoPony42 (Downscaled the original pixel art made by dasheroni)

Canvas 69

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 70

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 71

From this canvas onwards, the art ManePxls made had a massive increase in size due to many users from the r/place bronies Discord server being made aware of Pxls' existence after having just finished filling another r/place clone event with ponies.

The previous pixel count record for ManePxls' art template was 89,302 pixels on canvas 14, this canvas crushed that with a staggering 142,106 pixels!

Artist: epicvon

Canvas 72

During this canvas, we collabed with Polonian Pxls.

epicvon (Guard, Chrysalis),
Tihan (Changeling drone, Queen Poland touchups, Cadance&Shiny&Flurry)

Canvas 73

dasheroni (Applejack's autumn, SugarMac),
epicvon (Bright Mac & Pear Butter, Fancy Applejack),
Lukaat (Leaves background, Bright Mac & Pear Butter touchups, other minor touchups)

Canvas 74

Artists: epicvon (Zecora), Tihan (Zecora touchups), DragonM97 (Toothless)

Canvas 75

epicvon (Earth filly, Trixie, Sleepy Woona, Trixie filly),
Tihan (Doctor Hooves & Derpy),
DragonM97 (Toothless, Lou),
Lukaat (Space background),
Pebble_ (Downscaling epicvon's art)

Canvas 76

JoeyDR (40y anniversary art),
epicvon (Pipp stocking, Touchups on 40y anniversary art),
Chssam (Various touchups),
DragonM97 (Spyro),
Kflash2814 (Autumn Blaze, Lunar Coat of Arms, Luna in Flight),
Lukaat (Touchups on Autumn Blaze),
Tihan (Pixel Palette, Train),
lilou41 (Tree centerpiece)

Canvas 77

During this canvas, we collabed with Bag Nation.

weird_kit (Ponyville),
Tihan (A bunch of the bags, town sky),
Defensive Lobster (Mane 6 bags),
DragonM97 (Toothless, Night Flare, other dragons, dragon lattice),
lilou41 (lilou OC, Void pony),
JoeyDR (Green Byte OC)

Canvas 78

Tihan (Sombra, Void pony),
dasheroni (Songbird),
epicvon (Mistmane, Flutterhoodie),
lilou41 (lilou OC),
Lukaat (Lattice)
epicvon (Vinyl, Flurry, Pinkie, Sweetie),
Lukaat (Touchups on most of the art),
DragonM97 (Johanna),
lilou41 (lilou OC)

Canvas 78a

Lukaat (Pinkie),
DragonM97 (Toothless, OC),
epicvon (Ponyville flag),
Kflash (Sunset),
lilou41 (lilou OC)

Canvas 79

During this canvas, we collabed with Objectified PXLS.

Tihan (Pixel Palette Paint Attack, Twilight Magic Blast, Rapidash Twilight, Paintbrush, Picnic, Banners, Derpy & Price Tag),
weird_kit (Four, Picnic),
JoeyDR (Derpy & Price Tag, Green Byte OC, Puffball),
lilou41 (Grian Mending, Eclipse, lilou OCs, Void Pony OCs, Downscaling Pinkie Umbrella (OG art is from Desktop Ponies)),
DragonM97 (Grian Mending, Grian Help, Bluey),
Lukaat (Test Tube, Grian Help, Background),
Manwaffles (Pontiac Sunbird),
Kilgorio (Pizza Pony OC (Made with

Canvas 80

Tihan (Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pipp, Pixel Palette, Trixie, Tihan, Littlepip, Luna, touchups on Green Byte, palette conversion for Chrysalis (Original art from Desktop Ponies)),
JoeyDR (Green Byte, Littlepip),
DragonM97 (Spyro, Toothless, Night Flare, Luna, Spike, Simba),
Lukaat (Lattice, Luna, Starlight, Applejack, Rarity, Derpy, Discord, Star Flurry, Sweetie, Jesus, touchups on Dropout Bear pony),
lilou41 (Lilou, downscaling Protogen, void pone, Summer Ray OC, Marekisser, Celestia, Derpy love letter, Big Mac head),
Kflash (Sunset, NLR emblem),
Butter Honse (Minuette Pillow),
Rusty (Protogen),
Manwaffles (Flora),
firenze (Dropout Bear pony (Made with,
Cloudpuff (Pear Butter head),
cloudyhan2400276900 (The Survivor),
YukiaTendo (Crewmates),
Dragon2075 (Hollow Knight arts),
Chssam (Pony Life pony, Mouse)

Canvas 81

This canvas is currently active. More information about it will be added once it resets.


ManePxls invading osu!, Canvas 10

The newly formed ManePxls attempted to invade osu!, but surrendered due to community backlash. Afterwards, ManePxls members assisted osu! in rebuilding their art.

Destruction of Woke Reich, Canvas 11

A coalition of ManePxls, AFiP, Cozy Vault, and a few other factions worked together to wipe out the Woke Reich, which was renamed to the Woke Cells.

Touhou invading AFiP, Canvas 14

A new Touhou faction coming from a Russian imageboard attempted to invade AFiP, but multiple factions including ManePxls helped defend.

Red Blob invading Canada and others, Canvas 15

FunnyJunk users invaded Pxls and attempted to cover the canvas in red, and nearly the whole community helped push them back.

Abyss invading Germany, Canvas 15

ManePxls helped the Crusaders push back the Abyss after they had completely covered some artwork by the German faction.

Land dispute between ManePxls and Pixeloid, Canvas 16

after the reset, the canvas size was much smaller than expected, which caused ManePxls and Pixeloid to both be claiming the same area. ManePxls originally tried to solve the situation peacefully, but Pixeloid was being too harsh in their terms, in ManePxls' opinion, so ManePxls began to fight for the spot. Pixeloid was assisted by a few unaligned Pxls users, and ManePxls was assisted by AFiP. After about a day of fighting, Pixeloid leader Nudl#9532 contacted danmur15#7448 to discuss a cease fire. The terms were as follows:

  • Pixeloid will cancel plans for Wildfire.
  • ManePxls will assist Pixeloid in making Teto.
  • All area previously held by Pixeloid and not taken by ManePxls will be considered free space.

Crusaders and Steins;Gate invading Abyss, Canvas 16

Although majoritively unprovoked, the Crusaders helped Steins;Gate build their art over the Abyss, and ManePxls came to help.

Uno Club invading AFiP, Canvas 16

Many groups came together to remove the American flag made by AFiP, who would later go by a few names, one of which being the Uno Club. ManePxls and Cozy Vault attempted to save AFiP, but they were unable to do more than stall the advance for 2 hours. The art used to cover the flag was completed after 19 hours, but the flag was not effectively covered until a total of 31 hours had passed.

ManePxls invading the Grylical Monument, Canvas 16

ManePxls, Cozy Vault, and AFiP with the support of users from a non Pxls-centric Discord known as Manechat, invaded the monument made for Discord user grylical#9789 after he was banned from the Discord. For the first 12 hours of the attack, the efforts were focused on the areas surrounding the main monument. Then in a final push, the remaining part of the monument was taken in just 3 hours. The 'stamp' was completely finished 2 hours later, bringing the total time to 17 hours. Early in the fighting, an attempt was made to counterattack against ManePxls by building the Uno logo over their main artwork, but this failed.

AFiP invading Uno Club, Canvas 16

Other than some minor attempts, AFiP was unable take back the flag that they had lost. After two days of the flag being captured, AFiP, supported by Cozy Vault and ManePxls, began a massive assault to retake the flag. In the first 5 minutes of the assault, it is estimated that nearly 300 pixels were placed by the attacking side. The full retaking of the flag took about 11 hours, which was almost 3 times faster than the original covering of the flag.

2ch invading Pxls, Canvas 17

Although officially taking a break from conflict, many ManePxls members independently helped out the factions affected by the invasion, and the PATO Discord server was officially added to the ally list.

2ch attacks ManePxls, Canvas 45

One of Waffle's messages from a staff channel got leaked by another mod. These messages showed Waffle's want to ban 2ch for "being mostly made up of transphobic, homophobic, and racist people". This resulted in 2ch leading a massive invasion on ManePxls' artwork. A truce was quickly formed under the following conditions:

  1. The raid on ManePxls would be completed with the two large art pieces being fully covered.
  2. Waffle will never suggest banning 2ch again and must post an apology to them in their Discord server.
  3. Waffle/ManePxls aren't ever allowed to grief or insult 2ch.
  4. A 2ch themed pony art is to be created by Waffle.

Etos attacks ManePxls, Canvas 60a

Due to Waffle's views on whether botting on r/place to protect art should be viewed as fair, some users who disagreed with him began attacking ManePxls due to Waffle being the leader of the faction. This eventually led to Waffle taking some time away from Pxls due to the toxic nature of some users.



Former [reason]

Previously collaborated with



  • None

Former [reason]

  • Anti Bronie Coalation (ABC) [Abandoned]
  • Anti Brony Coalition (ABC) [Abandoned]
  • Saint George's Squad (SGS) [Dissolved]
  • Abyss [Changing diplomatic stance]
  • Pixeloid [Negotiated peace]
  • New Anti Brony Coalition (ABC) [Abandoned]
  • 2ch [Users banned from Pxls]
  • Pregnant Men [Abandoned]
  • How to take an L [Abandoned]
  • Flandre [Negotiated peace]


Valra Bellkeys#3134

  • Leader, 04/24/2018 to 07/04/2018
  • Admin, 07/04/2018 to 10/02/2018
  • Leader, 10/02/2018 to 09/06/2019
  • Admin, 09/06/2019 to 05/17/2021


  • Admin, 04/25/2018 to 07/04/2018
  • Leader, 07/04/2018 to 10/02/2018
  • Admin, 10/02/2018 to 10/15/2020

Ziggurat Vertigo#9779

  • Moderator, 06/02/2018 to 09/06/2018
  • Admin, 09/06/2018 to 04/01/2019


  • Moderator, 04/25/2018 to 11/05/2018

Xylon『King of Snuggies』#0847

  • Moderator, 05/18/2018 to 09/02/2018


  • Moderator, 09/06/2018 to 01/12/2019
  • Admin, 01/12/2019 to 09/06/2019
  • Leader, 09/06/2019 to 11/02/2022
  • Moderator, 07/17/2023 to 08/06/2023
  • Leader, 08/06/2023 to present

Darky Dash#6886

  • Honorary Moderator, 08/14/2018 to 01/03/2024


  • Moderator, 10/01/2018 to 11/05/2018
  • Admin, 11/05/2018 to 01/01/2019
  • Moderator, 10/27/2019 to 06/27/2020

Shadowtrot -BC∞#1843

  • Moderator, 02/09/2019 to 09/26/2022
  • Moderator, 11/02/2022 to present


  • Moderator, 10/20/2020 to 06/06/2023
  • Moderator, 01/03/2024 to 06/14/2024
  • Admin, 06/14/2024 to present

Green Byte#1188

  • Moderator, 04/02/2022 to present


  • Moderator, 04/02/2022 to 09/26/2022
  • Moderator, 11/02/2022 to present

Rusty Toaster#2222

  • Moderator, 09/20/2022 to present

Awards and Recognition

This section is for any awards or recognition given to members of ManePxls for various reasons.

More information on the various roles/awards can be found in the ManePxls Discord server.

The Iron Pony

This award can only be held by one user at a time. It was created in June 2018, and is given to a member who is observed and nominated by staff for exemplary service and time spent supporting ManePxls projects. The recipients in the order received, are;

  • Ziggurat Vertigo#9779
  • TheWaffleLord#6787
  • Shadowtrot -BC∞#1843
  • wilwil000#8513
  • FlyingSixtySix#4323
  • Dragon2075#0006
  • epicvon#9196
  • ponyceo
  • Chssam

Note: the title of this award comes from the My Little Pony Season 1 episode, "Fall Weather Friends"

Cloud Kicker

This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in August 2023 under the name "Admirable Equines" but had its name changed in December 2023, and is given to anyone who contributes at least 5,000 pixels to ManePxls on a single canvas. Currently, there are 12 members with this award.

Apple Bucker

This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in December 2023, and is given to anyone who contributes at least 10,000 pixels to ManePxls on a single canvas. Currently, there are 4 members with this award.

Party Planner

This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in December 2023, and is given to anyone who contributes at least 20,000 pixels to ManePxls on a single canvas. Currently, there are 8 members with this award.

Toaster Repair Pony

This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in September 2018, and is given to any member who is either proficient in coding or regularly helps with any issues with bots in the Discord server. Currently, there are 5 members with the award.

Note: The title of this award comes from the My Little Pony fan fiction "Fallout Equestria" by Kkat.

Rarity's Apprentice

This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in June 2018, and is given to anyone who displays above average artistic ability in pixel art creation and fine tuning. Currently, there are 20 members with the award.


This award can be held by any number of users at once, with only loyalty based restrictions, but is no longer being given out. It was created in May 2018 as the Verified role, renamed to Citizen in June 2018. It was given to users who showed devotion to helping ManePxls and was given by any staff member who deemed it appropriate. The award may be removed if it was discovered that a user was acting against the interests of ManePxls (inciting unwanted conflicts) or otherwise making efforts to sabotage the faction. There are only 17 members with this award.

Crystal Heart

On August 9th 2023 the Citizen award was renamed to Crystal Heart and is now given out on request to users who have been in the ManePxls Discord for over a year. Currently, there are 25 members with the award.

Lunar Guard

This award can be held by any number of users at once, but is no longer being given out. It was created in July 2018, but fell out of use by September 2018. It was given to anyone who is on the opposite side of the world from any of the US time zones, so they could be alert for attackers when most were asleep. There are only 5 users with the award.

Note: The title of this award is in reference to Princess Luna's royal guards.


This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in November 2019, and is given to anyone who donates any amount of money to the "Team Trees" fundraiser. More information about this fundraiser can be found in the links listed below. There are currently 3 members with this award.

Team Trees Wikipedia

Team Trees Website


This award can be held by any number of users at once. It was created in October 2021 and is given to anyone who donates any amount of money to the "Team Seas" fundraiser. More information about this fundraiser can be found in the links listed below. There are currently 3 members with this award.

Team Seas Wikipedia

Team Seas Website