The Second Pixel Axis

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The Second Pixel Axis
FoundedNovember 2019
Active CanvasesC30, C32
The New Pixel Axis

The Second Pixel Axis was an alliance founded on Canvas 29 by multiple factions. It was the informal successor of The New Pixel Axis of Canvas 2.



Canvas 30

Divided by Borders, United by Pixels is the same motto the original Axis used on the Axis Stamp.
Gif showing the changes between template versions.

Spanish Attack on a Pony

On December 4th, the Spanish faction attacked the pony artwork of a ManePxls member by trying to place a ship above them.

Volunteers from all the Axis factions joined the fight and were able to quickly regain control of the pony. Spain then capitulated and gave up.

Canvas 32

The text Please be patient, I have issues was originally Please be patient, I have autism but had to be changed due to the rules not allowing it.

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