Canvas 41

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2020/10/10 - 2020/11/23 (43 days)

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Continuing the Halloween canvas tradition, this canvas is skeleton Bob Ross painting last year's Halloween canvas, canvas 28. The next year's Halloween canvas was canvas 51.

Tons of information on the events of this canvas can be found on the canvas 41 issue of The Pixel Piper.


The size of the canvas was 2000x1510 and all of the 3,020,000 total pixels were placeable.

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.

Major Events

Minor Events

  • Crafton vs Alea: New users built Alea over Matt Crafton. A peace agreement was reached and they relocated.



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