Rouge War

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Rouge War

GSm-aligned victory:


Gura's Supermarket

Femboy Café
Grayscale Pxls
Corner Gang
Margraviate of Solvernia


Commanders and leaders
~200 ~70

The Rouge War (originally called the Rouge Raid and also known as the Schizo War), was a conflict between a coalition of factions led by Gura's Supermarket and Idle Slayer targeted against the multi-faction union known as Schizophrenia, which was established on Canvas 62 and consists of D2, Veil, and the QTs.


The Schizophrenia faction was established on Canvas 62 from a union of D2, Veil, and the QTs. Its first-ever template ("Rouge") was despised by multiple faction leaders, including Gaudi999 of Gura's Supermarket and Fruity of Flandre. These users - and several independent users - lobbied the Pxls staff to take action against the art, but it was only slightly modified before being judged as acceptable under the rules of Consequently, multiple faction leaders began drawing up plans to raid the art. These plans were eventually merged into a single attack aimed at building an Idle Slayer sprite ("Giant") over Schizophrenia.


24th October – attack begins. Rouge was almost done at this point. One of the factions involved in the war (IS) had an ongoing contest in which people who placed for them would get in-game rewards for every 2,000 pixels placed on their templates, including Giant. On top of this, the top 10 placers for IS were promised to get extra rewards by the end of the contest.

Russian meme "There will be no peaceful solution" meaning that Schizophrenia members wasn't gonna give up Rouge.
Lizzy's art joking (or not) about a compromise from IS and suggesting to build this hybrid together.

26th OctoberAntde decided to try to convince Idle Slayer (which was most active) to stop fighting. He assumed that IS members weren't interested in war but in pixel farming instead and offered a compromise: for IS to give up building the Giant and start placing background instead. Doubleturtle, the leader of the Idle Slayer faction, put out a poll in regards to the compromise. The majority voted for the war to continue.

28th October – Giant reaches 100% completion for the first time. Doubleturtle put out a background template for Idle Slayer and requested for people to continue to defend Giant from the resistance. At this point most of the IS members became inactive or significantly less active because of the contest rules, which made it a lot more difficult to gain rewards for the top pixel count if you weren't placing from reset or throwing your life away specifically to place lots of pixels. Other groups of placers started to build IS background as resistance to the attack grew.

29th OctoberSchizo was able to rebuild the head and shoulders almost completely. A Rouge/Giant monstrosity came of this, which resulted in plenty of memes.

Despite both sides poking fun at how absurd the template began to look, the war raged on, with Rouge's head fading in and out of existence. The leaves of the Giant (named "Marvin Noodle" by members of chat) were also continuously being griefed and repaired. Each side had "Advantage Hours" - it is not known who dubbed this term - in which they would have an advantage due to time zones, as many members of the opposing side were asleep and obviously unable to place.

Throughout the entire war, other artworks were attacked. To begin with these attacks seemed to have been done by users independently, rather than coordinated by the factions involved. Flandre and GSM were attacked by Schizo, and Schizo's second artwork (to the left of Rouge) was subsequently attacked in retaliation mainly by Flandre placers. Some factions that chose not to participate in the war were unfortunately caught in the crossfire and griefed, but these issues were quickly resolved in chat.

Final results

Rouge final image


Schizo war timelapse
Full timelapse of Schizo war

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