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Darkhood is a solid colour background and artwork faction created on canvas 75. The background is covered with many small artworks to cover the space.


Canvas 75

The Darkhood name was used as the template title by Xscape and Universe for their art and background. The template was also included in GChE due to being believed to be a representative's personal art.
The background colour for this canvas was Rust.

Canvas 76

Darkhood as a faction was started on canvas 76 by Universe, SkrillyD, Xscape and Dudemanguybruh.
The background colour for this canvas was Lime.

They had minor conflicts with the borders of RVRB and had destroyed nearby artwork by CharlieApples due to them actively griefing artwork and territory.

Canvas 77

This canvas, Darkhood collaborated with Red Army and also ran a combined template with the SchizoBag collab.
The background colour for this canvas was Red.

One of their top placers, Isaacool, was banned from the platform and had all the pixels they placed removed causing Darkhood to lose around 30k pixels of progress.

Heatmap image of the area just after Isaacool was banned.

Canvas 78

The background colour for this canvas was Dark Grey.

Darkhood was completely obliterated in the War of the Magenta Coalition.

Canvas 78a

The background colour for this canvas was Light Grey.

Canvas 79

The background color for this canvas was Mauve.

At the end of the canvas, Darkhood was attacked again in a pseudo-continuation of the War of the Magenta Coalition., with the main area of Darkhood being entirely removed and the non-aggression pact negotiated during the last war being effectively abandoned by MC and ChE.