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Red Army is a faction centered around creating art of Eddsworld, specifically the character Tord/Red Leader. Created by pebble_

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Eddsworld was created by Edd Gould in 2003 as an animated internet series on Newgrounds. It centers around the three current main characters, based on real-life friends of Edd: Edd himself, Tom, Matt, and then Tord. In 2008, Tord left to pursue his own work outside of the attention Eddsworld had garnered.

In 2012, Edd passed away after a long battle with cancer, and the production of Eddsworld was handed over to Tom (TomSka), Matt, and other close creators. The new production of Eddsworld was called Eddsworld Legacy, and Eddsworld pre-dating Edd’s passing is called Eddsworld Classic.

Eddsworld Legacy ended in 2016 with a two-part episode titled The End. This episode brought back Tord’s character (without Tord’s real-life counterpart) and made him into an antagonist of the entire episode. He had the scheme to recapture a giant robot he had built at their house prior and to eventually “take over the world”. It is heavily implied throughout the episode and in the background of Eddsworld Legacy that Tord is the leader of a de facto militia.

Red Leader is referenced in Eddsworld episode WTFuture by Future Tom. This is because the concept of the Red Leader & Red Army was made by Edd & Tom in 2008 for a show called Super Average, set in the same world as Eddsworld with Red Army being the main evil antagonist group. Eddsworld Legacy was supposed to be a setup for Super Average. The names carried over to Tord’s militia and to him as “Red Leader”. Overall, Tord’s reappearance in The End and his new-found, hidden lore made him a favorite among fans.

The Red Army in Eddsworld fanon (fan-canon) has no canonical, direct connections to communism or the historical Red Army. Any work the Red Army faction does on pxls is related to Eddsworld, Tord, and nothing else outside of it.


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