Canvas 7

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The initial canvas
The final canvas

2017/12/27 - 2018/01/24 (28 days)

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The 7th canvas was the first canvas that started out small, and grew over time. This was unknown at first, which threw many a pixeler for a loop. However, after the first expansion, speculation quickly led to the suggestion that the canvas would resemble the icon. After two more expansions, this was practically confirmed, which led to artwork being planned with future expansions in mind. The only question remained: would the white squares also make an appearance? Spoiler alert: they didn't. Each square's color was quickly taken advantage of for color-specific art, as well as color-specific background factions, like the cells.


The size of the canvas was 1000x1000 and 640,000 of the 1,000,000 total pixels were placeable. (64%)

An interactive version of this canvas showing the names of factions and where they were located can be found here.

More detailed info such as timelapses, the final virginmap, and more can be found on the official archives.



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