War of the Anti-Youj Coalition

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War of the Anti-Youj Coalition
Result Anti-Youj Coalition victory

Anti-Youj Coalition


Confederacy of United Pxls

Commanders and leaders
[Inverted] Titeiiko
[CL] M_the_OG
6-12 3-5

The War of the Anti-Youj Coalition was an invasion of Polonian Pxls by the titular alliance on Canvas 43a.


Before War

Some users disliked YouJ leaving LoF because he believed that LoF doesn't care for small factions and even acting seriously to certain users like Titeiiko and ioanBG. This resulted in the formation of the Anti-YouJ Coalition, a group of people who has a severe dislike for YouJ.

After leaving LoF due to "not supporting small factions" and creating COUP with a few of his friends, COUP end up decaying right afterwards due to UnragedUS leaving and other members treating it like a joke. This allowed the Anti-YouJ coalition to strike his artwork without any resistance in revenge of all the trouble YouJ caused.

Cell Lattice Declaration of War

On Jan 29th, Cell Lattice declared war on YouJ. At first, Cell Lattice was winning the war but the tables were turned and pushed back on Cell Lattice. Morale for Cell Lattice was dropping heavily.

2nd Phase - Coalition Enters / War Is Made More Public

Due to the war getting very popular and severally spammed in chat, this resulted in more fighters joining both sides and joining the two factions: Inverted and Anti-YouJ Coalition.

Titeiiko switched sides from Polonium (element) to Cell Lattice due to YouJ not being able to take a joke, on the same date, and acting seriously. Anti-YouJ coalition joined afterwards. As a result, the Anti-YouJ coalition ended up giving Cell Lattice a major boost in progress, allowing them to result in victory. After almost 3 hours of combat, the forces won.

3rd Phase - Lattice

After winning, the forces took a rest. A few members made sure to make a cell lattice around the artwork in order to make it harder to rebuild the artwork.

Afterwards, the artwork stopped being griefed and no combat happened. Cell Lattice and Anti-YouJ Coalition made sure that the artwork wasn't griefed and was heavily monitored.

4th Phase - Defense and De-Progress

After completion of Cell Lattice, the forces stayed in defense. For every time YouJ striked, they would repair and harm other artworks he owned. This resulted his Polish Banner being turned into Cell Lattice, and Polish text to be replaced by an invitation to the Inverted r/place clone gang faction.

5th Phase - Legion

After a lot of talks, Legion agreed to place the lattice under their protection. In addition, Inverted Anarchist saw that their void was destroyed and moved to protect and expand the artwork, which a couple hours later got covered by Legion's background.

Inverted Anarchist mostly defends this territory and expands on it.


  • Anti-YouJ Coalition Disbanded but few members wanted it to continue.
  • 2nd Anti-YouJ Coalition Formed but with smaller number of members.
  • Inverted Anarchist and Polonium Pxls became neutral towards each other.
  • It was agreed for Inverted to have Polonium on their template for next canvas, but it was sadly removed by YouJ's request.
  • Cell Lattice and Polonium Pxls never made a treaty but continue as neutral.
  • Tite would be unbanned from COUP after this war around week later and continue improving relationships with YouJ.
  • YouJ rebuilt his artwork on Canvas 44.