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Part of Schizophrenia
c29-c47, c61
Commanders and leaders

Veil is a faction whose purpose is to unite the Slavic Russian-speaking minority to create whichever art gets chosen by democratic vote.


The history of Veil is strongly tied to it's predecessor - Bitardia. Bitardia was a faction that existed on c19-c23 as a 2ch refugees that refused to go away without hesitation. Though the faction wasn't only 2ch and had many other slavs from entirely different communities. Bitardia has gone into decline and was deleted forever, with 2ch refugees leaving the site until next 2ch invasions and the others hanging around other factions. With a new 2ch invasion on c29, those who originally were a part of Bitardia reunited with a new faction called "Veil", since that time the goal was always clear - to show those westerners what slavs united are capable of.

Canvas 29

With Pxls getting another popularity peak, many old members returned to pixeling once again without a faction of their own. In order to unite those who came, Antde, Shelky and Funta created a new faction - Veil. Veil's main art was Shinobu in a lower part of Africa. A few minor wars took place, mostly against "sinkers" and voiders.

Canvas 30

Canvas started pretty quiet for Veil considering that most of the right part of canvas was taken with main arts being Suiseiseki and Soseiseki

Garfield war

Soonly enough sparked Garfield war in which Veil's leaders protested against Garfield art being heavily reduced in size by forces of YOIB. War was a success with both parties signing a peace deal.

Fourth 2ch invasion

With another PATO formed against 2ch, Veil stood against it due to long history of other conflicts and the Axis formation. War resulted in status-quo for Veil and total defeat for 2ch.