Band of Froggos

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Band of Froggos (formerly Otto's Personal Blog) was a faction which as the name implies, makes frog related art.


Canvas 47

Band of Froggos was founded as Otto's Personal Blog on June 28th, 2021 after Steward was given a final warning in the chat by Sidestep for using it as it's "personal blog", which was sub-sequential of it incessantly shitposting about his plan to become amish. As for art, there was none, merely a prompt to help various lattices near the canvas' end.

Canvas 48

BoF made a pixelated version of the frog used in Steward's profile picture at the time. It was subjected to many griefs, which sometimes completely covered the frog, but in the end, it was always fully repaired. In addition, the Cell Lattice surrounding it was turned into custom frog cells.

BoF came into an unofficial alliance with France Pxls and Cell Lattice, which eventually became official with the mutual joining of Confederacy of United Pxls.

Canvas 49

The faction had it's art included in the COUP template. COUP experienced many raids, which eventually targeted BoF. Among the raiders were Sidestep, dani26795 and a surprise return of ArcticCircleSystem, the co-founder of Steward's first faction. Eventually, with some diplomacy, the art was saved, and BoF began work on the final template version. Around this time, the faction also left COUP.

Canvas 50

On canvas 50, BoF was initally making good progress, but a large raid led by Sidestep and motivated by personal grievances with Steward led to it's artwork and lattice completely destroyed. During the raid, Steward admitted defeat and helped finish the offending artwork. Steward made a new lattice next to the original inspired by the defunct Rainbow Lattice, and made art of Adelaine. Leeo raided both the Adelaine and nearby ego made by one of Steward's friends.

Canvas 51

The artwork this canvas was the largest yet and was finished very quickly, but due to Steward and affiliates griefing the black square on the previous canvas, Leeo once again raided BoF. Steward was already planning to stop placing on pxls, and took the opportunity here, ending BoF for the time being.

Post Canvas 51

On canvas 56, Tam and Steward agreed to a merger of Band of Froggos and Proggity Prog OwO, reviving the factions for the next three canvases.