Ruh Roh

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Ruh Roh is a very small faction owned by yyyyzryrd and co-owned by Sun. The faction serves as somewhat of a successor to the now defunct Scallywags. The faction debuted on Canvas 66.

Canvas 66 - Nice Shot!

Ruh Roh's very first artwork was a screenshot from the Neo Geo Pocket Colour version of Neo Turf Masters. It was initially being solo'd by Sun before yyyyzryrd joined the site, however progress quickly sped up once yyyyzryrd joined, and was sped up even more thanks to help from members of Flandre about a week later. Sun also solo built a smaller Jay & Silent Bob template above this. Why not?

Ruh Roh engaged in a little bit of tomfoolery this canvas, raiding ManePxls' timelapse animation by writing 'ruh roh' in bold text in the bottom left corner of their template. This was quickly repaired, but the faction succeeded in interrupting their animation, even if it was only for a few frames.

Canvas 67 - Who is driving!?

Ruh Roh's second canvas saw a third member, SHA, join the group. The template consisted of a defiddled screenshot from the Clerks cartoon, a sprite from Puyo Puyo, and a few Lethal League characters as egos.

Near the end of this canvas, due to people taking issue with the faction's consistent overclaiming (thanks to other members losing interest in PXLS despite saying otherwise - a similar fate shared by Scallywags), Sun killed off the faction in favour of solo projects and placing for friends - mainly members of Flandre.


  • The faction was named on a whim by yyyyzryrd who had joined Pxls to place and only type 'ruh roh' into the chat. To double down on the joke, the [ruhro] faction was created.