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Revenge666 (also known as Sir Seizure) joined Pxls on October 25th 2022. Joining under the name “Bigbidenboi,” he would ask mods to unban his friend Bboy_Chang who was IP banned due to school Wi-Fi. He would later change his name to Revenge666 as it was a username they used on many platforms.

Canvas 62

On his first canvas he would help make an Among Us themed lattice, a red version of Green Lattice, a small snake and cat art, and a 1k ego as well as helping Schlatt & Co. and Idle Slayer's giant.

Canvas 63

He would start by helping Schlatt & Co. and Gura's Supermarket. During this canvas he also was a major contributor to the Errata Wars. He helped defend in the Knight War and would make the first paeckle after making the grinch pixel art and thinking it looked like a pickle with a Christmas hat.

Canvas 64

He would go on to create Pxls Art Enjoyers with rockbatgirl, naenaeskurt, and kreythepitviper after realizing they all had art but could not claim or finish them alone. He also participated in the zimart raid and would later go on to destroy a large portion of Chromatic Empire's outline with ceadog.

Canvas 65

PAE would make a hellhound art and completed it until a group of Hungarian members decided to make a Hungary flag over Bisexual buddy and part of their art. (will continue later)