Hoppy Vault

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Hoppy Vault was a faction created by Titeiiko dedicated to Hoppy Tiller and Starlight Glimmer themed artwork. Hoppy Vault was mostly a part-time faction of ManePxls and United Factions.

Canvas 22

Hoppy Vault formed during the middle of the canvas. Their artwork was severally fiddled to start with, but a bit further into the canvas TheWaffleLord defiddled it.

Canvas 23

This canvas Hoppy Vault went with an even bigger art piece. With another defiddle from TheWaffleLord, some assistance from ManePxls in building, and a bit of border designing with Cell Lattice, they managed to finish the art. ManePxls also agreed to protect the artwork.

Ending of Hoppy Vault

Due to Titeiiko leaving and Hoppy Tiller starting to care less about Pxls, Hoppy Vault was disbanded.