H Eviction II

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H Eviction II was the second raid on the H faction, once again started by members of x190 and Scallywags during Canvas 61.


The Beginning

The reason for the raid was the same as the last one. Squid being obnoxious in chat, etc. It started half way through Canvas 61 with Sun solo griefing the Fiddled Callie art with a stack of Chiyos, the template of which originally appeared on Canvas 60a. It was met with rapid pushback, resulting in x190 joining in, wiping Callie from the canvas.

H Statue Removal

After noticing more H faction art, Sun began covering it up with magenta, but was once again outnumbered. Around this time, ARdude wanted to turn the two H statues into an ego, leading to a three-way battle between AR, Eggbox and the H faction. A template was quickly thrown together by Sun depicting Jean Jacket from the movie 'Nope' to cover up the H statues, and after a few hours of battling the H statues were wiped too. Squid attempted to move the statues underneath x190's lattice but that was immediately wiped too, being replaced with a very small Popuko which later appeared on Canvas 62.


See H Eviction III.