H Eviction III

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H Eviction III was the third and supposed final raid on the H faction, once again by a few members of X190 and returning members of Scallywags, which was almost fully revived specifically for the raid on Canvas 62.


The Beginning

The raid happened about a week into Canvas 62, with the exact same reasoning as both H Eviction and H Eviction II. H faction had a very large and noticeable template this canvas, which meant more people would be needed to wipe it the same way as the other templates were on the two previous canvases (excluding Canvas 60a).

Scallywags' Revival

A template was produced in-house by Scallywags member Robo for use in the raid, depicting Juno from Omega Strikers as well as the letter L to annoy members of the H faction who were inevitably going to fight back. At first it was only 3 members - Sun , Robo and Whim, but after a complete repair of the H template while the 3 were offline, almost every Scallywags member temporarily came back to Pxls to join in.

Actual war, for real this time (I think)

At first, reissecup, allisonwins and squidfromwillyousnail fought back hard, but were inevitably outnumbered by the Scallywags' rising placement power. After about 2 days the area H was occupying was given up, resulting in an immediate Scallywag victory.

Template Expansion

Another part of the template, based on an angry message by ceadog, was added 2 days into the raid as retaliation to some pretty nasty comments made by said user.


Scallywags and H faction somehow came to a resolution, agreeing not to grief each other as long as Squid didn't threaten to grief factions over a minor disagreement. A smaller H template was produced to give the faction a chance to appear on a canvas for once. The possibility of a fourth H Eviction has been thrown around by Sun every now and then in retaliation to Squid being hostile or otherwise strange in chat, however nothing has ever come of these threats. For now...