Battle of the Sans Coffin

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Battle of the Sans Coffin


  • No side successfully defends their text
  • All text removed from the coffin
  • Peace maintained until reset

Coffin Gang
The Thargoids

Other small groups

The Battle of the Sans Coffin was a very long conflict on Canvas 36. It started when Coffin Gang built a "Coffin Dance" template which someone wrote "YOIB" on.

This message, as well as the leader of Coffin Gang griefing YOIB in the past, caused YOIB to attack the template with an operation, aiming to remove the text. Coffin Gang, supported by The Thargoids, ERROR Gang, and other volunteers, put up a fight throughout many days of back-and-forth battling over the coffin's text. Other splinter groups also attempted to write their own text on the coffin, such as "VOID" or "AXIS," leading to a complicated multi-sided fight. In the end, no side was unable to fully secure the text and it became heavily obfuscated. Eventually, all text was removed from the coffin.