War on Sogga

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During Canvas 51
Volunteers Volunteers
Commanders and leaders

The War on Sogga was a minor conflict over the existence of a suggestive piece of art on Canvas 51.


Before the Conflict

On November 15th, it was announced by Renatm that there would be the creation of a suggestive art piece centered around a furry version of the popular Sogga meme, of which received mixed opinions.

It was decided a day later by Wispy to be replaced by art from web series Murder Drones

During the Conflict

The previously slowly building Sogga art was replaced in two days by the newly created template, but they hadn't given up. The main placer for the Sogga art, Renatm, fought against the main volunteer for Murder Drones, Ceadog, for about 1 week.

Exhausted from soloing against the relentless Renatm, Ceadog had taken a break from the 24th-27th for Thanksgiving, and for a bit of a breather. In that time, Renatm had started to take control over the art, but eventually, Wispy had noticed the sogga takeover over those few days, and asked for help.

Like the first attack, the volunteers for Murder Drones quickly took back the space, but not without struggle, as the conflict had become quite widespread due to the controversial concept.

In the last few days of the attack, many people were involved. The Band Of Froggos attempted creating a frog in the middle and another user, Universe, attempted a bit of trolling and tried to build the pfp of swffl.

In the end, all conflicting parties surrendered and Murder Drones kept their place while the canvas ended.

a very dramatic video of the conflict here

After the Conflict

The creators, Renatm and Pharot inevitably built the Sogga in leading canvas 52 with little debate.

It is also believed that the December 7th update of the NSFW/NSFL rule was correlated with this conflict.