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@ (2019-11-14 10:26:02):

I banned my self twice. stripedspot & stripedspot1. goto console and type "App.banme()"

@ (2019-11-29 02:27:12):

I whos wafl will make joe moustache joe your either with me or against me

@ (2019-12-16 17:45:59):
lol wat

@Yugoslavia1992 (2019-12-23 03:11:00):

Will it be gay if a lesbian girl dates a gay guy?

@2601:583:8301:8530:F4CA:2472:2A89:E60D (2020-02-02 00:22:07):
Thats deep

@ (2020-04-03 17:22:37):

what about the trans flag and suadi arabia war

@ (2020-04-09 02:08:18):

oi m8

@ (2020-07-04 16:47:35):

If I were to crack my balls wide open, would that make me a nutcracker.

@Slimerancherfan (2020-09-25 20:47:48):
I actually don't know.