Spurdo Sprinkle Skirmish

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The giant spurdo sprinkle was drawn by warhorsestampede and called “Madeus” (Spurdo God). It was depicted as attacking the Void, and holding a lightning bolt and a copy of the canvas (which looked like a doughnut, and which warhorsestampede would update the pixels inside based on what the overall canvas looked like).

The Anti-Frodo sign (to the south-east of Madeus) was also mainly built by warhorsestampede because FrodoFraggins (previously known as Jimbeam, one of the top 5 pixelers at the time) had been attacking the Brotherhood of Spurdo faction, while warhorsestampede had joined them).

Later, FrodoFraggins kept requesting a reset, because he kept getting embarrassingly defeated by warhorsestampede and the Brotherhood of Spurdo.