Rainbow Pxls

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Rainbow Pxls was a faction created by Pxls user angelpony123. It is no longer active.

Canvases and History

Canvas 38

Rainbow Pxls was created during canvas 38, following a pattern made by Sen_Ruoka that had been abandoned. The seven colored rainbow spread out across the lower part of the canvas, beneath Legion's massive artwork.

Canvas 39

This canvas was the official beginnings of the faction, with a sign and a discord being set up. Despite their new presence and small size, Rainbow Pxls managed to claim large amounts of space during this canvas.

Canvas 40

Canvas 40 included art of Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia. Nothing of note happened to Rainbow Pxls this canvas.

Canvas 41

Canvas 41 included art of Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica. Near the end of the canvas but before it's reset was announced, Rainbow Pxls made the foolish decision to expand it's borders into area that had been previously claimed by Veil. This led to the faction losing a lot of land and a substantial amount of pride. It's safe to say they learned from their mistakes.

Canvas 42

On canvas 42, a few members of Legion led an effort to change the rainbow background back to it's original seven colors. Rainbow Pxls accepted the change and continued it's work using seven colors instead of six for the canvas and all the ones that followed.

Canvas 43

This canvas was also nothing special aside from the occaisonal bickering over whether the lattice should be allowed to take up so much space.

Canvas 43a

During the gimmick canvas, Rainbow Pxls carried on. It was actually quite successful until the last few hours when Legion steamrolled through and destroyed it all.

Canvas 44

Canvas 44 was like most, although it was at this point when the faction began to lose steam and slow down.

Canvas 45

Canvas 45 was the faction's final canvas before it's hiatus, with art of Hatsune Miku and a tiny section of rainbow surrounding her. It was not planning on returning to the canvases in the future.

Canvas 50

Despite the multi-canvas long hiatus, Rainbow Pxls made a brief return on Canvas 50. This was the faction's final canvas, and it has not made anther artwork since.