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The PixelPlacers were a faction created by user PixelPlacer#8035. There wasn't any specific goal of the creation of this faction but it did allow the making of any kind of artwork.


Canvas 44

During Canvas 44, the faction made a yin-yang. The faction, at first, was active and had a decent goal on what kind of artwork they wanted to make.

Despite the activity, near the end of C44, the faction ended up decaying in activity and placers.

Canvas 45

During Canvas 45, the owner ended up being late to the canvas and had to make a smaller piece of artwork. He created the "Saint Pt. Nyan Cat" artwork. The problem with the artwork was that it was scaled inappropriately and an attempt was made to take over a claim owned by Hollow Knight Pxls which failed.

After this attempt, the faction ended up dying until 2 weeks later. The leader decided to hold a faction leader vote in which Titeiiko won. Even with this victory, Titeiiko sought no value in this faction. In addition, the nyan cat (that was previously used) was descaled properly and a member from Inverted Anarchist built it.

Canvas 45 was the faction's death bed as members from the faction also decided to start leaving it.