Osaka Nation

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Osaka Nation
FoundedCanvas 71
TagOsaka Nation [大阪]

Osaka Nation is a pxls faction owned by Zinzamoure. It is based around making art of Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga and occasionally other characters from animanga series Azumanga Daioh. The faction has been active since Canvas 71.

Artworks & History

Canvas 71

First canvas for Osaka Nation started off with a 16k Osaka sprite from Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble, an AzuDaioh game. Zin failed to be awake for the first two hours of reset, and asked mauz (previously mauzg0d) in assistance in finding a space, and ended up underneath Pixelstuck and next to HoYoversePXLS.

Canvas 72

Osaka Nation continued at 16k art of a Norwegian Osaka defiddled by Pebble_. Once again placed near Pixelstuck.

Canvas 73

Osaka downsized to 9k for this canvas, a fall-themed Osaka defiddled by Zin (very last minute because it was realized that it was not Halloween canvas yet).

Canvas 74

This canvas was preceded by large arts on preclaim, which resulted in the 16k Osaka being downsized last minute by Pebble_, who also originally defiddled the image. (thank u). It is a Halloween vampire-themed Osaka, based off another sprite from Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble game, with a pumpkin Chiyo chi-chi.

Canvas 75

Osaka Nation shared a template with Red Army and PAE for Blood Osaka (defiddled by mauz), Tord art, and the creature that PAE contributed. This canvas ended up unexpectedly becoming a staple in Osaka Nation history. Due to previous conflict and personal beef, user Lana griefed Osaka Nation and Red Army art for the entire duration of c75. User Dleeo started griefing as well, and an agreement was made that if Osaka was made sober (no red eyes or joint), that he would stop griefing. That worked, but during the last 15 minutes of canvas, it was organized for Osaka to be made high again for final canvas. Other users and randoms joined in to grief, but OSAKA NATION NEVER DIES GRAHHHHHH

Canvas 76

C76, mainly based on possible continued greifing from Lana, Osaka Nation collabed with Grayscale Pxls for a winter Osaka, defiddled from an official manga art.

Canvas 77

C77 went off without any major Osaka Nation event. This art was originally defiddled by mauz and recolored/relined by Zin. The art is another winter Osaka holding takoyaki, a usual snack in Osaka.

Canvas 78

C78 was another collab with Red Army, PAE, with the addition of Adventure Time Pxls, and generally communicating with FURU Pxls and Lunes for lattice.

Canvas 79

Osaka Nation art on c79 was small, and had merged a template with reissecup's Tomo Takino from the Caipirinha dance meme. The Osaka Nation art was defiddled from an original art by Kurumimi_Birb on Twitter.