Just Boys Castle

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Just Boys Castle (JBC) is a faction that is centered around making boys and similar art. It was created on Canvas 66 by Firenze. It first made art on Canvas 67, and is ongoing. It is a vassal of the Chromatic Empire.


Canvas 67

CBC first started making art on, which features Felix the Cat, and the art was defiddled and made by Spanky.

Felix the Catboy, on Canvas 67

Canvas 68

VGA and CBC collab.

VGA and CBC made a collab featuring bingus the cat and Neco Arc Chaos from the Type-Moon series.

Canvas 69

CBC created a catboy taken from Google. The catboy initially had a sweater without a shirt, but was changed with a shirt depicting the creeper from Minecraft.

Canvas 72

CBC made a Neco Arc Chaos from the Type-Moon series.

Canvas 73

On this canvas, CBC suffered a huge loss, being raided by Grayscale and being replaced by a mushroom man.


The Hugh Mungus Raid

During Canvas 68, the Pop'n Pxls faction decided to grief and raid the CBC and VGA collab with the character Nyami.