German Empire

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German Empire
ActiveCanvas 1 - 2

The German Empire was a large faction that built Imperial German art on Canvases 1 and 2. It remains the biggest faction in the history of After it was disbanded it was succeeded by Deus Vult.


The German Empire was the largest faction ever existed on (around 4.600 Members are still on the Discord-server, even though it stopped basicaly every work). The whole faction started after an user presented to the german imageboard as one of the successor of /r/place. Since the french faction seemed to be the biggest faction at that moment and since the users of pr0gramm called themself "frankophobic" some people decided to help the Kekistan-flag as the first step. After France destroyed Kekistan the germans decided for a community-project in the style of the german Empire (1871-1918/19).

the french attack on the Kekistan flag was the trigger for the beginning of the german empire on pxls

Canvas 1

German-French war

The faction started with the black-white-red flag of the imperial Germany at the right side of the map. the flag grew fast until it reached the french faction. A war broke out where the germans started to change the blue in the french flag into imperial black. Together with Ukraine the last french resistance was destroyed and they started to creat smaller art-pieces on the flag. Later they allowed the their new allies to paint Ukrainian art on a small part of their flag.

The canvas seconds before the german empire arrived

Partition of Poland

Together with Finland the polish flag in the bottom-left corner was divided between the two factions.

Canvas 2

Together with the Ukraine and Finland it was decided to form an official alliance: The New Pixel Axis. And before the next canvas even started they claimed the whole bottom-space of the canvas started imminently to work after c2 started.

The main territory of the new Pixel Axis

However, many artists did not know about these plans and tried to build their works in this area, which inevitably led to their destruction. Even within the Axis, this led to discussions about whether some of the works of art should be allowed to survive. 

In the end, these voices could not prevail and the template was completed according to plan, which culminated in the destruction of countless works of art.

Several alliances of different factions were formed to fight against the destruction. But these forces were ultimately too weak.

Bot Attacks

During the canvas the axis was often the target of bot attacks. Especially the "conquered" Eifel Tower was often tried to be pixelated with a portrait of Napoleon. However, bans and the defense of the axis prevented this

Axis-Void wars

Another war worth mentioning was the void axis war, which ultimately led to the Axis stamp.

This again led to the destruction of many works of art and also within the axis the stamp was often mentioned as too extreme a measure

It was one of the reason why the german Empire stopped every diplomatic relationship later and stopped officially their work on pxls


Germany and therefore the Axis were the first faction to use template overlays with a self-written script

GUI of the german Template skrip written by the pr0gramm user hammer065