Terraria Pxls

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Terraria Pxls was a faction owned by Cazy_Man that lasted for 2 canvases before the entire forces left. Terraria Pxls focused on making artwork surrounding the game, "Terraria."


Canvas 43

Territory of Terraria Pxls in Canvas 43

Terraria Pxls started in this canvas and worked on the "Lunatic" sorcerer.

Terraria Pxls also sided with LoF and had a chance to deal with COUP. It is unknown if there was an actual attempt to join COUP but the leader, Cazy_Man, and YouJ did have good terms via relationship.

Canvas 43a

Territory BEFORE the artwork was destroyed by Legion on Canvas 43a

In this canvas, Terraria Pxls wanted to work on multiple artwork and a name under "Uncle Gang" which was a joke created within the Discord of Terraria Pxls.

Sadly though, this would not last forever. Legion griefed and destroyed every artwork created by Terraria Pxls. The grief was undone but the artworks were never repaired. To make it worse, due to the griefs and Terraria Pxls' members leaving, Cazy_Man left the Discord and gave it to someone else, resulting to the end of Terraria Pxls.

Canvas 44 - Inverted Anarchist Revival

Canvas 44 (Under Inverted)

On Canvas 44, Titeiiko, leader of Inverted, reached out to Cazy_Man asking for a possible revival of Terraria Pxls' griefed artwork. After some discussion, it was agreed for the griefed artworks back in Canvas 43a to be revived and recreated.