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While officially named osuplace, the faction is colloquially referred to as just osu! after the rhythm game of the same name.

The faction was originally created for Reddit's r/place April Fools experiment in 2017 under the leadership of emanfman, LittleEndu, and a few other dedicated osu! players.


Canvas 56

Due to osuplace's assistance and friendship with pxls.space during the Reddit r/place April Fools experiment of 2022, the pxls staff made the initial canvas a 1,727 diameter osu! cookie.

Canvas 66

User emi started a solo project at canvas reset revolving around osu! assets and was contacted by LittleEndu shortly after to make the project officially under the osuplace faction.

With the help of a handful of dedicated osu! players, osuplace built a new osu! cookie design along with osu!taiko's mascot don-chan and an extensive lattice.

Due to her previous experience with pxls and extensive help with artwork for the canvas, emi became somewhat of a leadership role within the faction and was later officially offered the role of Architect.

Canvas 67

During c67 osuplace teamed up with Gura's Supermarket to create a fairly large artwork of Neuro-sama, and AI Vtuber, and another Vtuber named Camila. This collab, at the bottom center of the canvas, was immediately neighboring the Chromatic Empire and Flandre who each had their own sizable pieces of art. Because of this the 4 factions coordinated with each other to create a grassy background that helped to tie all the artworks together. This was informally referred to at the Southern Collab due to its location on the canvas.

Canvas 68

osuplace claimed a spot on the bottom edge of the canvas to build a background image from the game showing 3 of the mascots on a wooden sailboat.

Canvas 71

Due to perceived community burnout from recent canvas games, the main osuplace template started at only 19.4k pixels. However, once the @pxls role in the osuplace discord was pinged for canvas reset osu! quickly became one of the fastest templates on clueless.

osuplace's main art for this canvas was the osu! logo with pippi (osu! mascot), Neuro-sama, Evil Neuro, Vedal, and Anny (VTubers), and was defiddled by emi.

Due to having a small main art osuplace finished the template 12h after the canvas had reset and made many more small arts, as well as latticing a large chunk of the canvas by the end of it.

Canvas 72

Since osu! had a large increase in users on the previous canvas, the main art for C72 was 60.9k pixels. It was located in the bottom left of the canvas and consisted of the osu! logo, a 4-panel comic, and pippi, Chirou, and Taikonator (osu! mascots), and was defiddled by emi. The background used was made by HoYo and was expanded in the Navification effort to cover a large portion of the canvas.

Canvas 73

osu! had a collab with FURU and was located at the bottom of the canvas next to Legion.

Canvas 74

For the Halloween canvas, osu!'s main art was the osu! mascot pippi sitting in a pumpkin (defiddled by Mephiro) and Rimuru (defiddled by Pannenkoek).

Canvas 75

osuplace's main art on this canvas was part of the background of a popular song in osu!, called Non-Breath Oblige (defiddled by Pannenkoek). The art contained lots of roses, which was expanded to become osu!'s background for the canvas.

Canvas 76

osu! collabed with Green Lattice and had a main art depicting osu! mascots pippi and Mocha in Christmas outfits. It was defiddled by DiMine (mascots/background), Legi / Gleb_S (garlands/extra details), and nickname (Christmas tree).

Canvas 77

osu! collabed with Grayscale to make a 230k art of a girl playing osu! (original art by Chipushishi, defiddle/conversion by Lyank, drake, defensiveLobster) along with a grayscale osu! logo, the osu! background for the song Chronostasis (defiddled by Pannenkoek), and the characters Marija and Buro from MuseDash (defiddled by emi).

Final template size: 386562px (18.4% of the canvas)

Canvas 78

osu! made a 100k main art of the background for Stella-rium (original art by Gendo0032, defiddled by DiMine).

Unofficial works

Canvas 65 and 65a

User emi built solo projects for the osu! cookie and some game assets.