Idle Slayer

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Idle Slayer is a video game. Elements of its community have joined and interacted with Pxls at different times, with varying degrees of officiality.

The first known instance of Idle Slayer artwork on was on Canvas 56, near Scallywags. They also participated in the Video Game Village collab on Canvas 58. After this, the group became increasingly aligned with Gura's Supermarket, participating in several collabs with them. The most notable of these was a joint operation to attack Schizophrenia on Canvas 62, an event later called the Schizo War.

During the war, the official Idle Slayer Discord server held a community event that greatly increased their numbers until the canvas reset.

Since Canvas 62, what remains of the Idle Slayer community has become largely indistinguishable from Gura's Supermarket. Some of their members have participated in the Schizo Continuation War.