War of the Magenta Coalition

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War of the Magenta Coalition
CanvasCanvas 78
OutcomeMagenta Coalition victory
Magenta Coalition


Darkhood Volunteers
Sir Seizure

The War of the Magenta Coalition was a war against Darkhood organized by an alliance of factions called the Magenta Coalition, led by Sir Seizure (also known as Revenge666 on the site), Sohiimfine and Kai.

The stated reasons for the raid were to punish the "toxicity of the Darkhood server and the general dislike of the members" in it, as well as in retaliation the several Darkhood raids on previous canvases (namely their attack on KRTOG and their attempt to cover Charlie Zone's worm template).


Darkhood's theme for Canvas 78 appears to have been SCPs, with several related artworks and a circular piece of Legion from Castlevania being completed by March 22nd. These pieces took up much of the upper right of the first toast (the only one which existed at the time).

The Magenta Coalition's raid began around March 23rd. The initial raid included multicolored hearts, though this attack was quickly reverted by Darkhood. However, the Magenta Coalition was relentless, and re-launched their attack on March 24th. This time they were successful, placing their own artworks over Darkhood's. The parts of Darkhood's art that remained behind the Magenta Coalition's art were covered by osu! with their starry background.

Their successful attack included a troll face with "We do a little trolling :)" underneath it, as well as a burrito, a couple of Hatsune Mikus, Mario characters, and various other small works. There were also a few sprites from the game Spelunky near the beginning of this, but they were later removed, possibly due to the Magenta Coalition not having permission to use them.

Shortly after the raid began, Schizophrenia began fighting for Darkhood. On the second day of the conflict, Gura's Supermarket announced its involvement on Darkhood's side, organizing a combined push with their allies to destroy the largely completed magenta trollface. However, this push eventually failed and the GSm operation was driven off the magenta trollface template. This allowed the coalition to complete much of its raid template, occupying large sections of Darkhood's core. Sporadic fighting continued on various parts of the raid template through March 25th.

By March 28th, Darkhood's only remaining piece was the circular Legion. The Magenta Coalition targeted it with a circular sleeping cat piece, which covered the Legion entirely. On March 29th, Black Company, a group which took part in the 2023 r/place protests, announced that they would aid Darkhood's defense of the Legion as their final act before disbanding. With their help, Darkhood was able to hold off the Magenta Coalition for a little while. However, this only prolonged their survival by a short while, and the Magenta Coalition's takeover was completed within twelve hours of Black Company joining the fight.

Darkhood and allies made attempts at re-establishing their Legion art throughout the rest of the canvas until it reset on April 7th, but all failed to gain significant ground. Most attempts at taking the area back were black pixels concentrated on the cat's head, placed by only three or four users. This number dwindled as time went on.

When Canvas 79 started, a permanent non-aggression pact mediated by the Chromatic Empire went into effect, ending the conflict between the Magenta Coalition and Darkhood. The agreement states that neither party can grief each other. A breach of the contract by either Darkhood or the Magenta Coalition would trigger the immediate eradication of the offending party with Chromatic Imperial support.

The war is notable for the involvement of volunteers from many sources, including Frog Pixels United, Grayscale Pxls, x190, some members of the Pxls staff, and outside sources.

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