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Part of the Chromatic Empire as a vassal of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy
C56 - C60, C62 - C65
Commanders and leaders

Scallywags, formerly known as Eggbox, was a relatively small faction that made art based on video games they've made or anything else that interests them. It was formed on Canvas 56.

It is a vassal of the Chromatic Empire; in that capacity, it is known as the Principality of Scallywags. The faction's name was changed due to privacy reasons in early 2023.

Canvas 56 - The Beginning

Scallywags's first artwork, with all changes.

Scallywags's first (and biggest) piece was a group picture featuring almost every single OC they've created. Even though it was fiddled to hell and back, it still came out quite nicely. As the canvas progressed more and more characters were added until there was barely any room to add anything else. This canvas saw an alliance between Scallywags and Peeper PXLS as well as Scallywags and Idle Slayers, who made the giant 'river' around the artwork.


Scallywags's second artwork, once again with all changes.

There was no template prepared for this canvas. In a hurry, Sun scrawled a picture of Creature (somewhat of a mascot for Scallywags) and decided to make that the faction's masterpiece in the bottom right. Originally it was meant to say NO, but after about 15 minutes they decided to make it a lot more wholesome, instead saying Creature Loves You. A bunch of other people from different factions added hearts to Creature's sign, which was nice :)

Canvas 57 - The Fish Collab

Scallywags's third artwork. Noticing a pattern here?

The Fish Experience. Scallywags was a part of the Fish Collab, the biggest collab in PXLS history. They were responsible for the giant Windows border around the collab, as well as parts of the background. Scallywags helped around the entire canvas, mainly helping Legion and The Rift as well as defending ManePXLS from griefers. This canvas also saw what was dubbed the Great Morbing, where members Sun and Chris started some kind of Morbius running gag for a few days to confuse the griefers. You can see the Morbing here and here.

Although the griefers and Scallywags's roster were on bad terms, they later made up. Scallywags was somewhat 'merged' into x190 after the faction's temporary collapse on Canvas 60.

Canvas 58 - Creature Returns

Scallywags's fourth artwork, hello Creature

Creature returns once again with yet another wholesome sign, wishing everyone a happy pride. This was the first time the world's funniest comedians started griefing the watermark, replacing it with the totally not overused 'EGGCOX'. Truly the funniest grief to ever grace this website. It may or may not have lead to the watermark being changed for future canvases.

Canvas 59 - The Great Osaking

Scallywags's fifth artwork, you get the point

WE OSAKED. This canvas saw Scallywags dropping it's OCs only rule and resulted in plenty of templates being worked on, including the following, in order of being built (maybe):

  1. A QR code that leads to a Rick Roll, with a pixel Rick Astley on top. This was griefed by GSM and Idle Slayers as a joke, however it came off as extremely hostile - IS and Scallywags shared a sunray on this canvas, and IS had asked Scallywags to help them and GSM with their lattice. Scallywags, who were planning some kind of alliance with IS, immediately started to help out but as they did the QR code was heavily griefed. This was noticed relatively quickly and sparked some outrage within the faction. Once the QR code was repaired, the proposed Scallywags + IS alliance was immediately dropped, and Scallywags's feelings towards IS and GSM were soured as a result.
  2. Osaka and Tomo as they appear in Azu-Race Taisen Battle He-Cho, a free game based on Azumanga Daioh.
  3. Nano, Hakase and Sakamoto from Nichijou.
  4. A PKCELL battery as a reference to the YouTuber DankPods.
  5. Gregg the Egg, a character from an idle game a member of Scallywags made in late 2019.
  6. Scallywags in Japanese as an attempt to stop people from changing the faction's watermark to 'EGGCOX'. It worked!
  7. A giant Peepy from itemLabel. This was mainly built as retaliation to slight aggression from IS.
  8. Monthly plug, depicting 2 original characters as they appear in a series of mods for SRB2Kart, both of which are available on the website linked above them.

Canvas 60 - The Space Collab

Canvas 60 gaming

Scallywags was a part of the Space Collab, and also helped out x190 with their template as well as working on their own artwork above said template. In a similar fashion to the last canvas, multiple artworks were made, such as:

  1. Osaka and Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh. This was a grief magnet which somehow attracted three unique voids. Fun!
  2. A very small Dokuro-chan.
  3. 2 more original characters as they appear in SRB2Kart with yet another plug.
  4. Scallywags's first lattice.

During this canvas hostilities arose between Sun and Ceadog after increased disdain from Dog towards Liam and the Chromatic Empire, which had the potential to negatively affect factions involved with the collab. In an attempt to prevent a war right after a dispute with ChE over a background, members of Scallywags sacrificed their relationship with Dog and deleted the planning channel in the Space Collab server, immediately halting the power trip. This happened right in the middle of aliceNobodi's proposal for a new alliance, which lead to almost everyone involved moving to a new server to completely avoid the hatred towards Liam.

This new server ended up becoming SSPG, however due to Scallywags's sudden death at the end of the canvas, the faction wasn't listed as part of the group, instead opting for Sun to assist the group as a whole with it's relationship with Liam and ChE - which later proved pretty useless thanks to certain actions by certain people. >:(

After this canvas, most of Scallywags's roster left the site to put studying and/or game development first. The remaining members started helping x190 with their endeavours.

Canvas 62 - The Return

Scallywags returned briefly on Canvas 62 to raid the H faction after increased aggressions between Sun and Squid. The raid was planned after Squid, leader of the H faction, continuously threatened to grief x190 after a failed attempt on Canvas 61 which resulted in all of H faction's artwork being replaced with the following:

  • The fiddled Callie was replaced with a stack of Chiyos - a nod to Canvas 60a where the same artwork was used to grief KRTOG. It was also used on x190's template for C62.
  • The H statues were replaced with a small artwork depicting Jean Jacket from the movie Nope.
  • The 2nd attempt at building H statues was covered up with a small Popuko.

After a few days of rising hostilities, Scallywags was partially revived on a whim to replace the giant dancing H with a giant Juno from Omega Strikers. The initial grief was fought off very swiftly, but the day after almost every original member of the faction logged back on to attack once more, assisted by some x190 members as well as a few others. The mere existence of this grief infuriated Dog, who's copium-fuelled rant in chat became part of the raid template.

Half way through the raid, Sun attempted to end hostilities between herself and Squid, opting to assist H with future templates as long as these requirements were met:

  • All four parts of Scallywags's raid template must remain on the canvas, specifically Juno.
  • H faction must stop threatening other factions.
  • H faction must stop spamming their template in the chat.
  • H faction must stop unleashing caps locked rants against people they disagree with.

And by H faction we mean Squid. Reiss is nice.

The conflict ended about 2 days after the initial raid, with Squid agreeing to the terms. Scallywags started assisting with a much smaller H template to the right of the raid. Winrar!

Scallywags also reofficialized its status as a principality (vassal) of the Navy Blue Grand Monarchy and Chromatic Empire on this canvas.

Canvas 63 - Nutshack Sweep

See Nutshack Sweep.

Canvas 64 - Present - The End

From this point onwards every member apart from Sun had completely lost interest in PXLS. Templates as of recent were carried by members of x190 rather than members of Scallywags themselves, so Sun decided to pull the plug on the faction, killing it off completely. A revival attempt was made on Canvas 65 but the template was left unfinished on the final canvas which served as the final nail in the coffin. The friend group surrounding the faction had also collapsed, so chances of a revival were slim to none without risking conflict.

A successor to the faction named Ruh Roh was formed on Canvas 66 but only lasted until Canvas 67.

Scallywags' mascot Creature made an appearance on Flandre's template on Canvas 67.



  • Scallywags makes indie games under the name Scallysoft. You should totally check them out.
  • Art based on Scallywags's first attempt at putting out a video game, Scrapbox, was built on Canvas 62. The game was cancelled a few months after.