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The Pxls staff are a group of users who are in charge of maintaining civility and enforcing general rules among the Pxls community. They have access to advanced permissions on the site and Discord server to meet this goal.


[Note from the author: this section should be written by someone with more experience and qualification on the subject haha]

Permissions and privileges


  • Chatban: Purges messages from a certain user (optional) and prevents them from talking in the website chat for x amount of time. Does not prevent them placing pixels on the canvas.
  • Canvas ban: Prevents a user from placing on the canvas or talking in chat for x amount of time. This also (optionally) removes their pixels on the canvas, in a fashion similar to a nuke.
  • Faction management: Can delete[1] factions from the site list. (admin only)
  • Staff badge: Exists to set them apart in the chat. Both admins and moderators show up under this badge.
  • Reset: Choose reset dates and future canvases.

Discord server

  • Kicking/Banning: A one-off removal or a permanent ejection from the Discord server.
  • Announcements: Can send out announcements to a) the main Pxls.space server and by extension any Discord servers "following" the announcements channel, and b) an announcements feed on the website. (admin only)

Other responsibilities

  • Authority figures on the Pxls.space subreddit (possibly)[2]

Current Pxls staff

Canvas name Role(s) Notes
Nanineye Owner, Manager, Administrator Owner of the Pxls.space Discord server, co-owns the site
Sidestep Manager, Administrator
Iceydwagon Administrator Dark on Discord, Pxls subreddit moderator, Leader of Void
Etos2 Moderator
filipus098 Moderator Currently the only staff member to be both canvas and Discord banned previously
gaudi999 Moderator Gaudi on Discord, Leader of Gura's Supermarket
Laoarane Moderator Is Magistratus in Legion
Sen_Ruoka Moderator
__ Developer [ ] on Discord
Doxylamin Developer Owns the site
Vanilla Developer Previous owner of Pxls

Former Pxls staff

pahanya, Chalkless, Rasputin, Styx, GlowingSocc, c4rt, nerfarrow, pharot, Andrew, Fruity, squiddies, Ske, Elly, Hoppy Tiller, Rainsford, Sorunome, Alanha, Ludus, Kori, Lana, vanilla, Chocolate, Elaine, Darky, gunnerwolf, Simius, SR17740, Netux, Helislothic, Faust, funta, Nya, TheWaffleLord, dani26795, Snegovich, drake, Mikarific, _Etta.

See also


  1. As evidenced by the deleting of a faction tag with a shield on it for impersonating the staff badge.
  2. Pxls.space moderator application